Milestones and Memories- Princess Party Fun!

20150222_121255Look who turned 6?  It’s hard to believe our little one turned 6 last weekend, and we decided to pull out the stops and held the party at our home.  Sure, the Queen (mom) was nervous about a party at the house, and yes, we had some pretty crappy weather for it, but we pulled it off.  And the princess was very pleased and happy with her party.  Hailed as the “best party ever,” I can definitely say it went very well.




We called on Wands and Wishes in Denver, and were not disappointed with the lovely Princess Aurora as Sleeping Beauty.  She has an amazing voice, personality, and handled all the princesses we sent her way with grace and kindness.  She also led dances and read the girls a story.  The options are endless, but it was perfect for our little princess and her friends.  Milestones do not come around often, so it is nice to celebrate them with style and with all your friends and family.  Memories are cherished, and this event was no different.  Our little princesses had a grand time at our Palace.IMG_1071


Random Thoughts of a Frequent Travelin’ Mama

Before Flight

1.  Who are these people?  What is his/her story?  I wonder why they are going to Denver. Hey, Sir, can you please stop talking loudly on your cell phone? I really do not want to know about the property you sold and for how much.

2.  Okay, here we go and we are lining up for our flight now and people have no clue what the number system is and people are just wandering.  Now we are all on top of one another.

3.  I always sneak on an additional small item with my carry on suitcase and my giant overflowing backpack.  I hide it under my coat.  Will she see it?  I turn to the left a little with my shoulder bag on and make it through.  Whew!  I did it!

4.  I pick a seat and get settled in.  I hope no one sits next to me, but if it is a full flight, I am sure someone will.   If  I do not make eye contact, people generally do not sit next to me or near me.  It’s nice.

5.  Okay, here we go.  Whoops… forgot to put my phones in airplane mode.  I better do that.  Ah it doesn’t matter anyway.

30,000+ feet in the air or just on the plane:

1. Really? Do you need to recline all the way back into my lap only to bend over and work on your laptop? The plane is completely full.

2.  Why does this guy keep hitting my seat from the back?  What is in that damn seat pocket that keeps hitting the middle of my back?

3. Will these people ever need to get up and go to the restroom?  The passenger in the aisle drank two wines and a bottle of seltzer water.  She is never going to get up….ahhh! The guy next to me never got up the entire 3 hours and 46 minutes.  Is he a camel?  How do these people not need to pee for so long?  Note:  I love window seats.  Love looking out and leaning away from the middle seat occupiers.  Anyway, that means I have to make people get up everytime I need to use the restroom which is often on a 3 hour and 46 minute flight.  

4.  Seriously, dude, behind me.  Please stop hurting my back with whatever you have shoved into the seat pocket.

5.  God, this flight attendant is so disinterested in her job.  Why is she even here?  The other one is making up for her shortcomings though.  I have to say I love Southwest Airlines though – got some food, used my drink coupon, and I am all set for this long haul home.

6.  Woh!  We are going through a nasty weather patch – it will be fine.  Woh! Big bump.  It’s all good.  I think it’s called Winter Storm Pandora?  Why are they naming winter storms now?  What is that all about anyway?  Seriously, when will the turbulence stop?  My Fat Tire just splashed on me. Grrrrr…..

7.  Okay, I am going to close my eyes and try to sleep.  Yeah I can’t get comfortable.  5 minutes later: It’s not gonna happen.  How can only 5 minutes have gone by?  It felt like 35 at least.  Seriously.

8.  I watched an entire episode of MYTHBUSTERS.  The Star Wars episode was particularly cool.  I love Southwest and free Direct TV.  Wait, how can we still have 2 hours left on this flight.  I mean, seriously?  That episode was an hour long.  Why is America such a large land mass anyway?  Who decided to make it one big country?  At least if I was traveling 3 hours and 46 minutes to a different country, I’d probably feel better.  Like when I lived in Europe, it was so super cool to fly 2 hours and be in a different country and all.  Okay, I am going to try to sleep again.

9.  I really can’t sleep with that guy kicking my seat, and this lady has her light on to knit.  I will turn left to get out of the light.  Not working – how can only 2 minutes have gone by.  I mean the whining alone in my head has taken longer than that, right?  No.  Ugh!  Time moves so slow when one is flying.

10.  Oh thank God, final approach.  We are at 10,000 feet.  This is when I turn my airplane mode off and start checking my email again.  My $99 phone will not crash this million dollar plane.  Right?  Ah well.  Okay here goes.  Hope no one reports me to the flight attendants. They can’t get up anyway.  We are on our honor since we are landing into bumpy Denver. Final approach is my favorite part of flying.  I love it, bumps and all.

After landing/at airport:

1.  Will you please stand up and get into the aisle.  I really want to get off this plane- like now!  We are in row 3.  If you couldn’t get ready quickly, you should have not sat in the front of the plane.  Whew.!

2. Made it off the plane.  Since I have all my stuff with me, it is time to head to the terminal on the train.  Ah that damn train at DIA, Concourse C.

3.  I managed to get on the train and take a seat, but then people piled in, and now I am trapped.  This one girl keeps looking at her phone, even while getting on the escalator. Hey lady, look the F up – oh no, she just tripped and almost took out that kid.  What the heck?  Just look up while you are walking onto the escalator for God’s sake.

4.  Whew – got past the chaos and went straight to the shuttle that will take me to my car. Why is it not here yet? Ooh I see it.  I got lucky – it’s here and I can take it to my car.  The Parking Spot is so awesome.  I travel so much, I got some Premier status from them.  So frigging awesome.

5. I am home sweet home 1 hour and 5 minutes after I landed.  How cool!

All these thoughts, and no rest when I fly.  I am exhausted.  Time to sleep in my own bed… ahh, til I do this all over again.


Legoland Florida and Epcot – Our First Time

Epcot at nightWe go to Florida, a lot.  And each time, since we are there for a long time, we go to the Disney parks, or visit the different attractions there.  With so many activities in Central Florida, one can get overwhelmed.  This visit was no different.  We finally went to Legoland and for the first time, we visited Epcot at Disney World.

We were lucky that our friends were going to Legoland and invited us to tag along.  I was not sure about Legoland as I had heard it is a lot of rides for older kids, but frankly, Legos are fun for any age, even us older kids.  There is a Duplo young kids section too with younger kid rides.  I liked Legoland more than I thought I would.  I20150102_133012n fact, compared to SeaWorld, and Busch Gardens, I think I liked it better.  Parking was easy, and you walk in, and there is plenty to do and lots of play and build areas for little and big kids, and the rides are either family oriented or for thrill seekers.  There is something for everyone!   I highly recommend and loved the apple fries at this location – oh my god! So yummy.  Everything is pricey here, food-wise, so pack your own snac20150102_163419ks.  They allow you to bring your own food.  For lunch and dinner places near Legoland, there are plenty of places for family dining in Winter Haven, and surrounding areas.  The historic Cypress Gardens are also open for touring, and on a beautiful sunny day in Central Florida, Legoland, walking around the miniature lego towns was so much fun.  The space shuttle (made of legos) takes off!  Santa and his sleigh, complete with Rudolph and gang, made entirely 20150102_141633with legos is a great place for a photo.  We absolutely loved Legoland and high recommend it.  Legoland opens at 10am and closes at 7 pm.  Those are short hours for some to pay so much.  For me, this was a good thing.  It forced me to leave instead of wearing myself down and killing the family by squeezing in “just one more ride.”  Oh and be ready to hear the song, “everything is awesome,” over and over, but Legoland really is awesome, so no one minds.


cities and landmarks built with legos



For the first time, we went to Epcot. We visited Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom in the past, and of course, everyone with young children visit Magic Kingdom.  We didn’t think the kids would enjoy Epcot when they were younger, but we actually liked it now that they are a little older.  20150105_145020Epcot is one of the largest Disney theme parks and requires a lot of walking, and the popular attractions and rides have a 40-inch height requirement so we are glad we waited until the kids were older and taller.  I am impressed with how many characters are available for autographs and pictures, but the lines are generally insane, so get there about 10 to 15 minutes before character arrival.  We kept missing all the times, and since Epcot is so spread out, we got to the characters too late. So, plan your walking/running accordingly.  I recommend getting your fast passes early and picking Test Ride Pluto4and/or Soaring.  You can only get a fast pass to one of these, but you can always pick an early time for one and then try to get a fast pass for the other one right after the right ends.  You will not need a fast pass for much else, but since we picked them out a few days beforehand, we went ahead and got a fast pass to the main entrance ride. This is the one that takes you inside the giant “golf ball” called Spaceship Earth.  We got one to the Nemo ride but you will not need it.  We also rode the fun, educational rides in and around the Soaring area, but you do not a fast pass to those rides/exhibits other than Soaring.  20150105_150605There are so many indoor places/displays for the kids to play on computers, displays, and create things.  It was really a fun place, and since we worried about rain, Epcot was the best park in case it did.  Sure, the world pavilions area is all outdoor walking, but there are plenty of indoor activities here, more so, I thought than any of the other parks.

20150105_152458For the food, it is pricey like Disney food would be, but there is a variety at this park compared to any other because of the world pavilions – Italian, German, and Mexican.  the kids loved our little boat ride in Mexico.  It was like “It’s a small world” without the annoying song playing over and over again.  Finally, we got to see Mulan and we really could not see Mulan anywhere else – she is in theMulan2 China pavillion every few hours.  The girls walked with Sleeping Beauty, and the only character we missed was Minnie.  Maybe we will catch her on our Disney Cruise for Spring Break. Stay tuned….



Fat Cat’s Westminster #FatCatsFun

LogoFatCatI posted about Fat Cat’s in Westminster last week. Today, my family and I were able to go out and try bowling for 2 hours and we received our promo of 2 pitchers of soda, and a pizza with that.  Our shoe rentals were also included.  This is the Family Deal they are currently offering for up to 6 people and includes shoe rental, and 2 hours per lane.  For the four of us, it was a great deal.  We were able to bowl three games, and my husband finally broke 100 with his high score in the third game, so we all left happy and encouraged. :-)

20150130_155846_resizedThe girls and I played a round of glow in the dark golf first, played some arcade games, and then took to the lanes.  The kids can have bumpers and a special ball roller to make it easier for them, and fun to learn bowling.  I didn’t bowl my best game, but we had a great time!  The girls were out of school and the weather didn’t cooperate all day, so it was nice to blow off steam, and do a variety of activities.  Now, my eldest is considering having her birthday party at Fat Cat’s Westminster.  I liked the pizza, but it could not feed more than 4 people.  So, if you have a party of 6 or more, you wil need more food.  Pintoro’s Cafe is a grill and bar inside of Fat Cat’s and boasts a decent menu with a variety of food and drink options, and M-F, til 3pm, they have special prices on appetizers, food and drinks.  Their prices are overall very reasonable on food and drink.

20150130_164901_resizedIf you check in on yelp, there are deals to Fat Cat’s, and many websites have BOGO coupons for the activities.  So, give them a try.  If you have up to 6 people and want the family fun deal, check out the coupon here, and for $69.99, you get two hours of bowling for up to 6 people, shoe rentals, two pitchers of soda or lemonade (you can add some money for an upgrade to beer), and a pizza. You can use this deal between 11-8pm.   It’s an economical deal, especially on weekends when the prices for bowling per hour/game are a lot higher.  20150130_155830_resizedThis deal expires tomorrow, so head out to Fat Cat’s Westminster for family fun soon.  I hear the snow is coming, so have some family fun indoors.

Disclaimer: I was compensated 2 hours of bowling, shoe rentals for the four of us, 2 pitchers of non-alcoholic beverages and a pizza in exchange for this review through The opinions and views expressed are my own.


Shower Shimmy Review

Shower Shimmy and cleaning solution

Shower Shimmy and cleaning solution

I received and reviewed the shower shimmy and it’s really cool. I especially like that it’s an all-in- one system!  You do not have to bring cleaning solution, a sponge, a brush, and other accoutrements into the bath tub with you.  I plan to get my mom one who has a hard time cleaning the shower and tub.

The best part of the shower shimmy is that the solution is non-toxic, and all-natural so I can shower and clean at the same time!  You do not take the solution bottle into the shower/tub with you.  You fill the handle of the shimmy, and you squirt (with the blue button) just a little solution, and you are good to go.  The concentrated solution is powerful so you only need a small amount, which is quite awesome.  Then you can rinse with the shower head (if it is detachable) or use a cup and pour water on the area.

Here’s a twist: I also cleaned the sinks and countertops with only a small squirt, and it was shiny and sparkly like new.  I cleaned our standing shower with this and even managed to do the kids’ bathtub while bathing them.  It seems like their bath tub is gross and neverd54b4e93324152143b0c2e56067d1ddb_large2 gets the shine it needs.  The fact that the solution is safe, non-toxic, and made only with all natural ingredients makes me feel better about letting the kids use the bath tub right after use.  No chemicals, no foul!  Check out all the details at this website.

When you finish cleaning, you can hang the shower shimmy with the provided suction/hook.  Mine fell in the shower in the middle of the night, but once it is dry (purpose of the hook), you can always remove it and store it away.


Disclaimer:  I was provided with the shower shimmy kit: all products seen here and the cleaning solution to use, so I could provide an honest review.  All opinions expressed and experiences are my own.