What Noise?

I write this blog as I experience the modern-day nightmare of apartment living: The condo converted from an apartment complex. During the 2000 – 2003 housing boom, many apartment complexes got the wise and ass-backwards idea to turn apartments into condos, sell them, make a quick profit to unsuspecting buyers who wanted to get into the housing “market”, and then do nothing regarding the shoddy construction.

Well, I am here to say that those people should be locked up (preferrably in these condos they built and sold), and the key thrown away! At the least, angry owners everwhere should band together and file a class action lawsuit on them for fraudulent misconduct. When a person converts an apartment into a condo, there are certain ramifications: structure, facilities, and of course, thin walls and noise. When condos and townhomes were built in the 1970s and 1980s, other than wood frame windows which were horrible, most construction was sound and firewalls existed. Since the 1990s, builders and developers seem to have forgotten that people – humans-would live in these shacks they attempt to pass off as condos and townhouses. The walls are super thin to the point where post-coital banter aside, you can hear people in their most intimate moments, not to mention, all other bodily functions.

When the little girl upstairs from us runs from one end to the other, my planter shakes and the utencils in the drawers too! When the guy upstairs gets excited about a play the Broncos just made, not only can he and his friends hear it, but me too – a disinterested neighbor. The walls are so thin in these so-called “condos” that you can actually smell the salmon your neighbor is having for dinner and hey, left overs for lunch the next day- gee, thanks. I needed a whiff of that.

Noise does not bother some people but I think there is a certain level of peace that goes into a place that you call home. I do not have children, why should I hear yours running across the floor and their toys giggling every minute? I did not choose to cook salmon for dinner, why do I need to smell it? Some people claim it does not bother them – what noise? what smell? To these people I say… “it does not take a village … I hate the village. The village sucks. The village is highly overrated…” Leave me in peace in a home where I share no walls or yard space. Leave me in peace, away from the village, the noise, and the smells. I prefer to create my own … for me and no one else.

Building developers, land developers, contruction companies and you companies out there to make a quick buck off of unsuspecting people who just want to play the “housing market,” SHAME ON YOU! Come live where I do – live a day in my walls and then try selling another horribly constructed condo again!

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