A concrete foundation

In a relationship, any relationship really – is it possible for people to start with a clean slate especially when there is so much said – so much hurt.

Everytime there is an argument, a fight, a discussion, or a mean word spoken, it erodes the very relationship we are in and insulting. That is the thing about relationships – some are built on a concrete foundation, some on wood, and others are built so weak that they can implode on their own.

In a relationship, like a house, depending on the foundation, can words and actions over time completely erode the home – a relationship based on wood, over time, the wood can rot and the entire house can cave in. Words, arguments, emotional and physical abuse can erode the entire house if our foundation is not solid.

So, how do you build a concrete foundation? The only way is for both people to work at it and take the time to seek the necessary help, the counseling, the assistance of good family support. All of these tools lead to building a solid concrete foundation in a relationship, in a marriage, so that it does not erode and get destroyed from the bottom up, or inside out. But it takes everything. But in the end, if you do it right, your “house” will stand.

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