Monthly Archives: January 2006

Mistake or Fate?

As I hit the crossroads in my life a few months back, I was sure I was making the right decision and it seems like I certainly was – afterall, we can only make decisions with the information we have at the time in our life when we have it.

Recently, as I started a new job, and a new marriage, in a new residence, I could not help but wonder whether I made the right decision. Can we make a mistake and miss our fate? I wonder this as I have embarked on a new journey which is not meeting my expectations but then again, I wonder if I have set very high expectations. I start to wonder what my life would be like if I had taken the other path – the other road. The more I wonder, the more I look back and compare, the more upset I get at the choice I made and this is probably not helping the situation get better. It creates a vicious cycle – one in which the other choices will always look better because they were not chosen.

Is it true that we can completely miss our fate by the choices we make or should we accept that our fate is the one that we have chosen and that we did not really choose it all but that it was chosen for us? I can’t help but wonder … should I stop wondering and live day to day and enjoy the moment I am in?