New Frontiers

I write this blog about a new experience in my life: Motherhood. Being a mom is more than just dirty diapers, shopping for the kid, and staying up at all hours of the night especially when the baby is sick. It is more than balancing life, work, marriage, and the child. It is something spiritual. I never believed it six months ago when I was exhausted in the labor and delivery room and they brought this tiny (very tiny) girl to me. I did not even believe it a few days later but after 2 weeks, I was hooked! I was hooked beyond belief and to this day, it amazes me that I can truly love someone unconditionally this much in life. You can’t appreciate motherhood or being a mom until you are one and truly, that is when you realize the sacrifices your own mom or parents made for you. It is an amazing feeling at 4am when I am nursing her, to look down at her and see her sleeping there, wow! I did this! I am part of this creation!

I cannot write enough about motherhood – I could go on for pages and pages about how I feel but anyone who is a mom out there knows what I am talking about. Daily, I feel a conflict – when I go to work and leave her behind or contemplate leaving her at day care. You can hear all the advice about letting her cry it out, or leaving her with a day care center, and not hear a word because this is your child, your creation, and you have to do what is right for you and her.

All I can say is that these new frontiers are wonderful! Sure, I am exhausted all the time, and I do not have time for sleep, bathing, or even writing this blog, but one smile, one laugh, one grin, and it does not even matter. It is all about her! Your world becomes the child. What an amazing new adventure we are experiencing – one I would not trade for anything or all the riches in the world.

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