We moved into our new neighborhood about a year ago when I was about to delivery our baby. A year later, I have assessed our situation and our neighborhood and I have to say, I am impressed with the people we live around. Granted, our neighbors are a little more friendlier than other neighborhoods I have lived in – okay, they are downright FRIENDLY! But, wouldn’t you rather have that than people who ignore you and could care less if you screamed at the top of your lungs, they would not run to help you? I think so.

The neighborhood always tries to get together for things- breakfast at Panera’s, social gatherings, events around the holidays for the kids, and visiting each other’s homes with gift. The last one gets a bit extreme as people showed up at our door on Valentine’s Day sporting Valentine’s and candy- I had nothing in return and we were all sick from an International Trip so needless to say, I felt like the LOSER of the otherwise friendly neighborhood. Easter was the same and since we do not celebrate Easter, I got some tulips and wrote Happy Spring on my card.

People are very kind in the neighborhood and keep an eye out for eachother and all in all, there is a good balance of activities and privacy. The location is great and there are many parks to choose from – our daughter loves the swings and slides and watching all the kids in the area. She will, no doubt, be attending school with them where I hope the good manners, hospitality, and nice things continue for her. I would hate for her to get into a fight with the neighbor kids. That would turn things ugly on future Valentine’s Day events :+)

All in all, one year later, I am very pleased with our purchase and our neighborhood. And if I have to buy a few Russell Stouffer’s candy boxes, plastic eggs, and nice tulips now and dthen, that is nothing to complain about.

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