Weaning and Whining

I think it is the end of an era- for me, breastfeeding has abruptly come to a close- and I am sure another chapter in my motherhood will now begin. For the last two weeks, I have been unable to feed my daughter because she has teeth now and is biting down… hard!

Part of me feels a tragic loss at not being able to feed her. The other part feels a sense of freedom and relief because it is now time for her to take only solids and move to Whole milk. It is another phase in growing up but this again raises the issue for me of whether she is growing up too fast – it worries me. I have had the talk with my boss already about going part-time and now I feel I need to have that talk again. She is growing up way too fast! Sloooow down!

Either way, it has been a tremendous experience in motherhood thus far and I hope it continues as the new chapters unfold. I look forward to every moment … will it stop me from whining? Probably not… she is growing up too fast for me already but I can cherish the days and the hours I have with her I suppose instead of complaining about those.

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