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I should state from the start of this blog that this is a generalization and of course, not one formula fits all but I have gotten the impression recently from watching world-famous male athletes that moms have a lot to do with the success of their sons in sports – from Lance Armstrong to Michael Phelps and some in-between. It got me to thinking how their moms must affect their personal lives. Michael Phelps is not married yet so in truth, this is not a fair experiment but I wait with baited breath to see how his married life does.

Needless to say, I watched the interview with Oprah when Lance Armstrong’s mom was there, cheering him on, defending his honor, and addressing the cancer and divorce that Lance faced. I could not help but wonder if she played a role in that break-up. Moms who are too close to their sons, while instrumental to their success, can also be a detriment in their personal lives. It just got me to thinking and I am just more aware now…. and as I watched Michael Phelps take his 8th gold and his mom appear in several interviews with him as well, I could not help but wonder if his personal life was heading for the same fate. Like I said, it is a bit generalized but I think a mother-son relationship, like all relationships needs its boundaries and has to have its own rules. Otherwise, it is hard for the son to maintain a healthy marriage with the new woman in his life. If the son is comparing the new woman to his mama, that can be a problem too especially one who has played such a big role in the son’s life. In the case of sons who are successful because of their moms, the absence of a father-figure intensifies this bond…. so, it is something to be aware of when getting involved with someone who is close to his momma.

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