OUCH! That’s an open canal, man!

This morning, I had another experience with my singing dentist. As he sang, “raise your hands to heaven and pray…” I also raised my hands to heaven to pray this man would stop singing as he plowed through open canals in my mouth – exposed for the finishing touches of a root canal. I thought this morning as I made my wayt to the dental office again that I would be done with it … that this was the day! Alas, it is not to be. I have to make yet another trip. Apparently, my canals are very complicated – curvy and hard to reach. Great! I am a borderline candidate to be referred outside to an endodontist. I wish they had in honesty because I want this done with. 5-months pregnant and recovering from illness this past weekend, the last thing I want is three appointments, 6 shots to numb the area, and drill drill drill! Needless to say, the experience left me very much in pain and unable to take anything good like 800 mg of Ibuprofen. Woooes me

In the future, when a dentist suspects I need a root canal, I have decided it is better to pay more and make a trip to the endodontist – they are quicker, seem to have all the cooler toys, and perhaps can cause less complications because they have seen the worst case and the easiest case and everything in between. But for now, I press on hoping this mind numbing pain will soon subside.

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