The Show must go on!

Up until now I thought McCain was a waffler and a guy who truly could not make up his mind on the issues. When it comes to substance – things like stem cell research and abortion, he goes back and forth. He says one thing and votes another way. He said he was all for supporting for the war, and voted for the Iraq War but then was mad at the President. He has opposed things but then spoke out that he supports them. For example, he said he would like to see Roe v. Wade overturned but then now says he is okay with abortion in the cases of rape or incest as long as the woman can prove it. Oh, so now the victims of rape and incest have to prove they were raped. That is just dandy! Let’s re-victimize the victims and just become Taliban-run Afghanistan when a woman was stoned to death because she was raped. After all, she was no good to her husband any longer.

I know, I know – a bit extreme but if you look at his record, it does not lie – he may lie, but his record does not. Just look at his voting record in Congress – he has been there long enough, and then compare it to what he says to try to win this election.

Now, there is a new ploy afoot by the McCain camp. It’s not bad enough they go and select a woman who can barely address any issue – she needs constant protection and man-cover because heaven forbid she speak freely to the press. It’s bad enough that they select her as a ploy to get “stupid” women voters to vote for the party, but now they are pissing Ole Miss, the nation, and all the voters off by trying to delay the debates. It is one thing to postpone their convention so that Gustav could hit Baton Rouge and the coast of Texas, but now they want an entirely new debate schedule because they are not (excuse me) “man enough” to face the facts! Come on! Either you know it or you don’t, another 2 weeks is not gonna make you great orator, Senator. But I tell you what, you are pissing off people who were even thinking about voting for you by pulling tactics like this. Ask a REAL Hockey Mom as she juggles her 2-3 kids, her work, and her family life — ask her if she can postpone changing her 15-month old infant or breastfeeding her 3-month old because well…. Frankly her husband wants dinner on the table. COME ON man, get a grip, get a blackberry and learn how to video conference. You can focus on more than one thing and if you can’t, you should not be President and certainly not running for the office. There are schedules and appointments to keep – LIFE GOES ON …. Get a grip man and go to Mississippi, get mud on your face like we all expect, and then return back to D.C. for the Monday budget stuff. Stop being so whiny and annoying and learn how to use some technology while you are at it.

The Debates MUST and SHOULD go on!

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