The new faces of Camelot

I feel like an era in American history has begun and come January 21, 2009, a completely new face in Leadership. My parents’ generation had JFK’s camelot. And what an exciting time that was in America. For the first time since I first voted in 1992, I feel like I finally had a voice- a hand in electing someone with grace, charm, sincerity, and intelligence. Someone who truly represents the changing face of America and someone who can positively represent our nation to the world. I remember the excitement when the Berlin wall came down and President Reagan uttered those historic words, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall!” On November 4, 2008, when President-Elect Obama and his family came out to accept and deliver his speech, I felt chills run down my spine as history was made again. I cried, realizing how full of hope I felt and how looking forward, I realize this is my America. This is an America where dreams can come true and opportunity is abundant. As I looked out into the crowd in Chicago, listening intently to our new President-elect, I saw faces of America- black, white, Asian, hispanic, Native American, male, female, and hope- tears of joy and hope.

As they covered the world news, I saw more celebrating- it was like New Year’s Eve – people in the streets hugging, kissing, celebrating, and laughing- because it is truly the dawn of a new era not just for America but for the world. America can restore itself as a Superpower again with the same grace, dignity, and charisma as before. The last 8 years have been horrible for America and its reputation in the ever-changing global sphere. Our generation has not seen this much celebration EVER for the election of a world leader. This was truly monumental. A new face- a face, a voice, a man who unites instead of dividing. A man who represents the changing face of America. A new first family- the new faces of the Camelot of our generation. I know the expectations are high but I am confident that President Obama will deliver. The grace, dignity, respect, charm, and honesty of an office so important, it impacts global relationships and our economy. All of this will finally be restored.


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