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Westminster Mall- why even bother?

Last night we decided to take our daughter to see Santa at the Westminster Mall since it is about 2 miles from our home. This mall, mind you, is a disgrace to malls everywhere but generally has good anchor stores like Macy’s, JCPenney’s and Sears. Aside from that, the mall is a complete waste of space and there is nothing to eat save for the Chick-Fil-A. Why a land developer or mall developer would not do more, I am not sure because it is prime real estate in a prime location, and while Flat Irons Crossing Mall is only about 5 miles down the road using Hwy 36 West, I still think it is a waste not do something to make this mall more attractive to all.

For example, inside the mall are countless jewelers, Victoria’s Secret, Children’s Place, and other good retailers. There are also not so pleasant places like the dress shop that appears to cater to people who want very gaudy weddings/receptions – dresses with sequins. ARGH! Then, there are the food places – there is a firehouse grill or something like that is boarded up; a place that looked like it was a Greek place, boarded up, a Chinese place, and of course, my favorite – the pizza place that seemingly went out of business the day after I bought a slice of the yummiest pizza I have ever had. Go figure! Then there is the food court area (I use this term loosely) which is out of sight and unfortunately, out of mind with a horribly Subway and a Chinese place which may actually make you ill. When we took our sister in law and her kids there to take pics at Sears, she had that look on her face of appall and disgust. I was embarrassed but we were just there to take pics not eat.

Nonetheless I am baffled that the developer would not take the time to attract merchants and food places alike. Sometimes I think, like the 28th Street Mall in Boulder, you have to just shut down and start over. Clean Slate! Westminster Mall is a great candidate for a complete make-over. The mall, in its current state, is an eye sore for those who enter, and those who pass by on the street too. While it has big name anchor stores, even the Macy’s at Westminster Mall does not carry Polo or all the name brands you would expect a normal Macy’s to carry. My husband was looking for a Polo shirt but this Macy’s did not carry it. A lady checking out at the register whispered to us, “you need to go to the Macy’s at Flat Irons Crossing for that brand”. I guess the Westminster Mall is in such a crappy location, they can’t even carry all the brands. Wow! Even Ralph Lauren wants nothing to do with this crap-hole. I was amazed.

My daughter did see a Santa who looked like a seemingly normal Santa but she was not impressed. I guess she is still too young. Then we stood in line at Chick-Fil-A for about 20 minutes to get some food- it was the only concessionaire after all so, what can you expect? Don’t get me wrong, I like the convenience of the Westminster Mall and like to get our pics done at Sears but I think there have to be better plans for this area and this location. Westminster is not a bad area to live in and neither is Broomfield or North Arvada so I am confused at how this mall can end up as such a dump. I guess I will need to drive the extra 5 miles and stop my complaining. If you are considering going to Westminster mall – I would just say- don’t bother!


Massage Jealousy

I had another so-so massage at Massage Envy and decided it was time to write this Blog. I became a member because when I was pregnant with my first child, I had some amazing prenatal massages down at the Massage Envy in Colorado Springs. So keeping tradition, I decided that with this pregnancy and all the early pains that started with it that I would get a 6-month membership and hoped I would find someone up here in the Denver area that I liked. So far, that venture has proven unsuccessful.

Ironically enough, as my previous posting stated, I absolutely love – love – love my new masseuse down in the Springs – he does the most amazing prenatal massage therapy. I call it massage therapy because he does a bit of physical therapy along with a normal massage, spends time getting to know my needs and pains and is just a great masseuse. He is leaving massage envy though so the membership may prove to be useless and leave me in a state of massage jealousy so to speak.

This guy who I was reluctant to see first because I was biased against male massage therapists is amazing and if there is a pain, it is gone within a day of his massages. Sadly enough, if I get a massage from someone else, sometimes those pains increase. It is very hard to find a good masseuse and after visiting three different Massage Envys, I still have not found that perfect masseuse in the Denver area so I keep going to my favorite one down in Colorado Springs. He has his own practice now so I try to schedule my time with him during military drill weekends. Unfortunately after January 12, I will not be down there until May (due to maternity leave) so he gave me a referral for someone up here and I look forward to trying out those services during the last 4 weeks of pregnancy but alas, it is not affiliated with Massage Envy. Let this serve as a cautionary note to you folks who are considering membership with a specific place like Massage Envy. Make sure the person you love love love is with the massage envy and plans on staying for a bit. Otherwise, it could all be for nothing and you too could end up with massage jealousy.


Victoria’s “discriminatory” Secret

This is my 2nd pregnancy but even during my first, I have noticed that my favorite pre-pregnancy stores like Victoria’s Secret do not carry a maternity line nor do I see them making an effort to help women who are pregnant or nursing. It seems counterintuitive in my opinion to not tap into this market. Let’s analyze.
Victoria’s secret is the leader in the market for sexy lingerie, pajamas, bras, hosiery, and other “accoutrements” so to speak that you may need for … well, let’s face it – sex! Sex is what sells at Victoria’s Secret. It is often not about comfort when you purchase there- it is all about the sexiness you exude and the sex you will get as a result – well, hopefully.

So, why would Victoria’s Secret leave such a gaping hole in their market? Why would they not tap into the sexiest market out there – pregnancy and nursing? I have often wondered that and not realized the answer other than what my husband told me which is it runs afoul of their image. After all, they women to get laid and men to get excited but they do not want anyone to get pregnant? What?! Are you kidding me? Pregnant women are the sexiest creatures out there…. Sure, they get big and bloated and have bad gas sometimes and acid reflux but my God, they are procreating and often look irresistible during these times. Pregnancy is sexy and nursing is even sexier. How many women out there can feed a child and help that child grow? Her breast is out and a baby is sucking on it to extract nutrients? Are you kidding me? What kind of store would not tap into this market?

Here are some ideas- nursing bras; sexy nursing bras so that by night, this woman can get it on with her man should she wish, and by day, nurse in public. Here is another thought – nursing covers for those women who would like to hide her hooters from Uncle John who is visiting. What about maternity bras that can adjust to fit the woman as she progresses from trimester to trimester? What about the delivery gown? Doesn’t a woman in agonizing labor pain deserve a sexy gown to wear too? What about a nice cotton maternity panty for the pregnant woman? They can even use what they already sell and just make it maternity. After all, just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you do not have sex anymore- if anything, you need to make yourself feel even sexier. Why not tap into that line? I have never understood for the life of me and after my first pregnancy, I even stopped shopping there because frankly, I no longer feel connected to the store or that they serve all women. Maybe that is their goal – to only serve those who are not pregnant or nursing but I for one feel it is a little discriminatory and leaves out a huge piece of the market-the piece that may actually need the “secret”.


What’s so wrong with Pink?

This weekend I went to the bicycle store with my husband. It is not something I am into but we wanted to spend time together so we all went. While there, my daughter was enjoying touching everything, exploring her environment, and riding the Kettler bikes. While there, I noticed a couple enter the store with a little boy. I could only assume they were a couple but who knows? They could have been sisters.

Needless to say, they were shopping for a bike for a 3-year old boy who was with them. He was very interested in the tricycles and the bikes with the training wheels but just like my daughter, seemed very drawn to the pink bikes in the store – all of them. Even when the two kept steering him to the electric blue tricycle or the sporting royal blue bike with lasers (kidding), the little boy seemed to have a preference for the dainty, flowery pink ones. As the two kept defending the boy’s choice of color, I couldn’t help but wonder why we as a society cannot tolerate a boy on pink- what is so wrong with that?

Stereotypes drive me nuts! Girls need to become secretaries and nurses and boys can … well, do anything they want. Girls need to wear pink and boys wear blue. Heaven forbid our society tolerate a boy in pink. What’s so wrong with pink I ask you? What is so wrong with breaking the mold and the stereotypes that come with gender. From the day of birth in the hospital, there are pink and blue items. I am not sure why- is it so people can ID a girl from a boy? What is the reason for the color stereotypes? They just get worse as we grow up. After all, a girl cannot stay out too late but boys can run amuck in their teenage years. And what about the stereotypes kids face in school? They are ruthless.

If my assumption was correct about these two adults in the store and if they were truly together, I think they should be proud of their “son” and should buy him the pink bike. He may get picked on – sure, but isn’t overcoming ridicule and gender stereotypes a very important lesson and step in life – one that may be better if it comes sooner than later? I do not see anything wrong with blue for girls and pink for boys and in so much as I can help it, hope to do my part in breaking gender stereotypes.



My husband and I recently saw a movie that my brother recommended – called Slumdog Millionaire. Odd name, I know- a name that would not have dragged me to the movies. It was only playing at one theater in Denver- the Landmark Esquire. A theater, I do not really care for. They charge high prices and if you do not sit in the middle, you get a crick in your neck but unfortunately, the only theater in Denver that takes on arty, film-fest, award-winning films that mainstream theaters for some reason do not show.

I really enjoyed the movie but more than enjoying it, for me, I dissect a film weeks or months after seeing it especially if it made an impact on me. This one did. I have a daughter and one more child on the way and I could not help but wonder after watching this movie, how much I have and how much I have to be thankful for. It is strange for me to think I have done something in a previous birth or somehow been rewarded by heaven to be born into a family that loved me and took good care of me. From education, housing, and food to other items, I have not had a want for anything and have been very fortunate. This movie reminds us that not everyone experiences that and that there are less fortunate people in the world who have a want for the basic necessities in life. The focus is the slumbs of Mumbai near the airport – it is hard to miss flying in or out of the airport – they are to the left, to the right, and surround the runway. People live in these conditions daily and this movie is a bitter sweet tale of a young boy who grew up in the slums, his experiences, and how he tried to rise above it. It was a very well done movie and I have to say in retrospect, as I dissect the movie, it left me very thankful for what I had and the joys in my life.

If you have not seen it, I highly recommend it. If you have seen it, I urge you to reflect on it – there is more than a message of hope. I think there are messages throughout the movie to not want for things. Greed actually plays a huge role in the downfall of several characters while hope, faith, and trust are virtues in the movie which help other characters succeed.

It is hard to come by films which make you truly think these days and I am glad we came across this one. It is a definite must-see!