Hair can really make the person

I recently learned that a bad haircut can really make a person feel like crap and look bad too. My hair artist (as I call her) is a little ways from the house so I just ventured out the 2 mins to the local salon (we will leave the name out to protect the guilty). Needless to say, since I am nursing and my mom was watching the baby, I make quick trips and run quick errands around this area. The longest I was away the baby was with me so I could feed her on demand. Needless to say, I went to the local salon to get a quick trim and things went bad. the hair got cut a little too short as a result and looks like a salad bowl around my head. I figure I can put barettes in and try to make things better but until you get a really bad haircut, you do not realize how much the hair makes you as a person. For a woman, when her hair looks good, she feels good about herself. Just like wearing a nice business suit can perk up a woman’s performance in a business meeting or courtroom, hair can really make a difference too.

I feel very vulnerable and extremely self conscious as a result of my hair not looking good. It did not help that my husband also agreed that my hair looked horrible and did not suit my face. He is right because a good haircut can really make your face look better. Just like clothes and make-up, if done right, can really accentuate a face and a body. Needless to say, for now, I will deal with a bad haircut with grace and dignity knowing that it will grow back. From a positive perspective, the bad haircut has certainly afforded us all with a good distraction from the other stressors right now in life – newborn and all 🙂

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