I think we’re alone now

I love syndicated Seinfeld reruns and really enjoy the episodes. One in particular comes to mind lately as my husband and I struggle for some balance and privacy in our own home. If it’s not the kids who are always hanging around, it is house guests who are always there too. The episode is the one where Jerry and his then girlfriend end up making out in a movie theater watching the very serious and long movie, “Schindler’s List”. I do not think they even watched the movie or they may not have been turned on enough to make out. Needless to say, I think the point is that all couples need some privacy and alone moments in their marriage- to discuss an important matter, to just talk, unwind, or share intimacy.

Lately I have come face to face with dwindling privacy and as we both take care of our kids around the clock (literally), we realize we are going to have to get creative with our plans so we can share time alone together. For example, we will have to make time at lunch when our kids are in home care, or take a day off of work, or perhaps find some quiet time after the kids are asleep. In either case, it is important to find some time daily to reconnect and chat. I try to go grocery shopping with my husband and daughter just so we can chat on the way there and back home – it is nice to spend anytime at all that we can muster these days. I know things will get better and balance will return to our lives but for now… shhhh… I think we’re alone now… I better go!


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