Your daughter is so cute when she speaks Arabic

The other day we decided to check out a local ice cream/coffee shop in these new subdivisions that have their own restaurants, coffee shops, and so on. What a nice neighborhood and neat places to eat and do yoga and what not. It is quite convenient if you live in these premier neighborhoods to have all of this at your disposal.

So in any case, we wandered into this place to check it out and it was nice -sofas, games, newspapers and magazines and nice food and drink fare. But we were just looking. Our daughter, on the other hand, did not want to leave and made herself at home. She is a talker now – chatterbox of sorts but only we can understand her sometimes because she has her own lingo for saying things.

Anyway, she was asking for water and the guy behind the counter remarked, “Oh, is she speaking Arabic?” I was thinking, she might as well be cause you obviously do not understand that WaWa means water but … I could not help but look around a little bit. Sure, we are of Asian heritage but come on! Why would anyone presume anything these days. In any case, since then my husband and I have had some fun at this guy’s expense and now anytime we can’t understand our daughter which is more often than not, we claim she is speaking Arabic cause neither of us speaks that. I just find it humorous when Americans in this day and age of knowing what we know still proclaim their ignorance and make it known by idiotic comments like that one.

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1 thought on “Your daughter is so cute when she speaks Arabic

  1. Hi,

    Nice to read your article, we should learn different languages to communicate with people with a different language I also encourage this thing that kids should learn at an early age.

    Take Care

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