Single Cup Coffee Makers

Today I embark on my first journey as a single cup coffee maker user, owner and operator. I have done a lot of research on these prior to purchase but I could not resist the price tag at Bed, Bath and Beyond yesterday when there was one over 50% off and with the additional 20% coupon, the Keurig Mini cost me $36 plus the K-cups I purchased for $8. Yes, I could not resist and had to try it out so today I brewed my first cup of French Vanilla K-cup at the office. I added my own cream and splenda and voila- had a nice cup. It was a little strong for me but I cut it with water which helped.

I wanted to play more with it so I made hot water in it for cup o soup – yum! Later in the day, I also had hot cocoa using the machine. All in all, it was a fun experimental day and I hope to continue the journey on Friday when I return to the office.

The toss-up was between the Tassimo, Flavia and Keurig. Tassimo and Flavia are cool because you can make milky beverages- yum! But the drawbacks are that Flavia packages are only available through their website. With the Tassimo you cannot make hot water… and with the Flavia and the Keurig, you can make hot water. Another neat thing about the Keurig is that you can buy a permanent coffee filter for your mini or model and then make your own coffee— grind it very well and put it in the filter and voila- a cup of coffee of your own liking. I look forward to experimenting and I have a 1-year warranty with Keurig so I do plan on keeping this model for now. Although it was a return, there was nothing wrong with it except missing an instruction manual which I found on line anyway.

I am happy to report I am an owner of a Keurig Mini and look forward to reporting back on this blog my trials and tribulations.

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