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Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and … Buses?

During this trip to Virginia and the D.C. area, I had the well-rounded experience of riding in several modes of conveyances and I gotta say, it makes you appreciate your automobile – the freedom that you get from having your own vehicle where you are at any given time – well, nothing compares to that!

So, we flew into Norfolk and then I decided instead of renting a vehicle to get to D.C. I would try to save a $110 or so and train it into D.C. Yeah, okay- not fun. I think if the train operated normally and at full speed, they could get you to D.C. in 3.0 hours from Newport News, but no- there was some freight train derailment the night before so from Newport News, I was on a bus to Richmond. In Richmond, the train took off 1 hour late so I ended up waiting at the Richmond station for 1 hour and 45 minutes to board a train that got me into D.C. Union Station in exactly 2 hours. What a pain! But I gotta say, riding the train, once it got going was kinda fun. It was nice to relax, take a nap, watch a movie, and just get things done. It was also nice to see all the scenery – gorgeous views and I remembered why trains are so much fun when they work on time and right.

Riding the metro was fun too – it is so easy to get around the city in a metro but as I ride the metro in D.C. I did start to wonder about how lax security was in it. Of course, people riding it, I noticed were much more vigilant. For instance, a man put his briefcase down behind my suitcase and I noticed the woman I was sitting with immediately stood up and watched what was happening and then made sure the man exited the metro with his belongings. I think that helps but I am always fearful of riding in ground transportation nowadays because I think it is an easier target than airlines. In any case, my transportation woes aside, the trip was good and despite security concerns, I am still a huge proponent of public transportation if a city can install that type of infrastructure. Granted, for me, because time is an issue with the kiddos, I still prefer to get in my car and hit the open road….ahhh- freedom!


All dressed up and nowhere to …. snow?

I am in our nation’s capitol this week and I always notice the same stuff here- the women here act like they are Parisians- they dress up all the time and are all always wearing boots- no, not snow boots or appropriate weather boots but — boots with heels and no traction. Everywhere I look here women and men are dressed up in their suits, dresses, or outfits that make you wonder where you are sometimes. I think this city is just more formal than say Denver or Fort Collins, or even Phoenix, but come on! After the city had a dumping of over 30 inches of snow, the sidewalks are a mess, and there is no place to walk so you think they would learn from that – but no!

In any case, I am really glad that I do not live here- I put on my Coat- it is a ski coat/jacket not an overcoat, and my tennis shoes, and I can walk like it’s nobody’s business. Sure, I may not look like a sheek Fashion model but I am comfortable and warm, and more importantly, not flat on the pavement.

In any case, I am not impressed with the city and the people are the worst- they are not friendly at all and I really miss home… yes, when you want to appreciate where you live, take a trip somewhere else- maybe to the East Coast… it will definitely make you wanna GO WEST!


Smooth Travels?

When someone asks me if our travels were “smooth”, I often wonder what that word really means? I mean, is travel with an infant and a toddler ever “smooth”? Then I started to think what is smooth travel, really? For me, last week, I travelled with a toddler and an infant and my mom who was a huge help and I gotta say, I was vomit free, I did not have a drink spilled on me, and no potty accidents to speak of, so, all in all I think it was a “smooth” trip.

Southwest worked like clock work and we could check whatever we wanted- I love that! The flights were on time and the flight attendants were very helpful and even brought my toddler a book and a crayon pencil which kept her occupied for 10 mins or so. 🙂 All in all, smooth travels and if you take the direct flight, so you do not have to change flights, it really makes for an easy time with the kiddos.


New Orleans Saints Win Superbowl XLIV

Well, it is done – after 43 long years, the fans of the city of New Orleans finally got their wish and then some… it is like a 1st down and then some more… Most are waking up the next day wondering if it was a dream because it was so unreal – surreal really.

The Saints finally won a trophy and what a way to do it! Sean Payton coached that team like a TRUE Superbowl team- going for it instead of playing it safe and rocking the 2nd half after the off-sides kick – what an amazing game! It was one of the highest watched show ever and why not? It was one of the most exciting Superbowls in history. Time to buy my T-shirts and souvenirs because who knows when we will do this again but I feel quite confident that America will take this team seriously and who knows? With Sean Payton’s coaching and Brees’ at the helm, the Saints may come back in another Superbowl in this decade, or at the least, will be strong contenders. I am willing to bet on that!


Avatar in 3D

Apparently, movies in 3D are making a come back. I finally got to see the movie, Avatar. I was waiting a long time. This is a movie you must see in the theater to really appreciate it. In retrospect, even IMAX would have been better than 3D but a bit more pricey I think.

Anyway, I saw Avatar yesterday and it was a good movie. It is a little “touchy, feely” and the message is hokie but I gotta say, it was good. It was about how corporations and the Government, primarily military, are really not respectful of land, water, and/or natural resources. It is a good concept but what I really enjoyed was all the special effects and watching it in 3D was neat.

For the previews, and there were tons, there are three movies coming up in 3D – Shrek (the final one we think), Alice in Wonderland, and another Disney movie too. It is hard to believe that 3D is making such a big comeback and at $13.00 a ticket for an evening show, what is quite the entertainment. We paid $9.00 per ticket for a 5pm matinee show with a military discount. In any case, I definitely recommend seeing Avatar on the big screen, and don’t forget your 3D glasses from the movie counter!