A review of the best iphone Apps- must have 15 Apps

So, I am well into three weeks of having my iphone and I love it! Three weeks and I am still learning something new daily, and more importantly, using my phone a lot! Sometimes you get a phone and are bored with it within a week or so. There is no such thing as boredom when it comes to the iphone. Whether it is a new, exciting App or just learning about what the phone can do that you did not know about, it is just all around fun all the time. I spent an hour today trying to download Apps and I got 16 of them!! I am of course still looking at a list of about 20 that I need to download and/or play with.

In the upcoming trip to D.C., I will have to use the Iphone and get to know it a little better. Travelling gives you the opportunity to do just that- get to know your iphone. I am going to do about three segments on this – a review of the best Iphone Apps and I will start with these 15. I consider these (for now), my top 15 and will write a follow-up when I can muster 10 to 15 more that I can add to the list. I am not going to write about the basic apps (the one that your iphone comes with) and that are standard like calculator, compass, and email because those of course, go without saying, are used a lot.

So, here goes – after three weeks of owning the iphone, here are what I believe are the top 10 apps (from a usage perspective):
1. Facebook- okay, I am addicted so I use this one the most
2. The Weather Channel- enough said
3. Google App for the iphone- you can tap and speak and it searches for you
4. USAA- mobile banking, bill pay and deposits – yes, deposits! How cool is that?
5. Who wants to be a Millionaire- what a fun game!
6. Read It Later- I have used it and love it
7. Expedia – I like its ease of use- I have heard Kayak is good but have not tried it yet.
8. Phone Flicks – neat to use if you have Netflix but misses some functionality of the real thing.
9.IheartRadio- I am torn between this and Pandora but IheartRadio seems easier to use
10. Around me – of course, yelp and urbanspoon compete with this one but I like the ease of use with Around me.
11. Dragon Search- I am actually discovering this and liking it
12. Dictionary.com – nice to look up words on the fly and on the go
13. Wikipedia for Mobile – really useful
14. Starbucks Mobile- I can reload my starbucks card on the go from anywhere
15. Zippo Lighter- just for fun but I love this App and find myself playing with it a lot.

There are many many more but you will have to wait for the next review 🙂

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