Indian Grocery Stores- Denver

This is my first blog under the NEW, IMPROVED consumer blog. I am excited about this new trend and as such, here is my first “consumer” related review.

There are tons of Indian stores in Denver- all of them Aurora-centric. This is fine since the Indians all seem to live in that area but alas, this is not true so more Indian stores are cropping up to serve those of us who do not live in the Tech Center and Aurora but then you pay a little more at those stores and selection suffers too.

Anyway, the highlight of this blog is comparisons between Indian grocery stores in Denver. I think wherever you shop, you will get good service and top notch customer support but here are some pros and cons of Indian grocery stores in Denver- the ones I have hit anyway.

India’s Harvest— undermanned, understaffed but nice family-owned indian store. So, this Indian stores is located at Parker and Peoria- right on the corner of I-225 and Parker. The prices are reasonable but expect to wait in long, long lines. There is only the husband and wife running the place and despte being super busy, they never hire help for some reason. There is a cafe (Indian Chaat place) inside but you can never get a “taste” of said chaat because they are so understaffed. So, if you do not mind waiting 2-3 hours, you may get it all- food and groceries. I went there just for a few items and it took me 10 mins to get the items into my cart and 35 mins to check out! So, if there are two of you, split up and save some time. Oh, and watch your kids- the aisles are narrow and often times, a box (just a random box) will be in the aisle and makes traversing difficult. When this store is crowded, it sucks so do not take your kids with you.

Bombay Bazaar- this is the place next to Masala’s in a strip mall just past India’s Harvest- it is quick to get in and out of here and everything is really organized nice but do not expect service with a smile. Like most Indian stores/restaurants, this guy is not friendly and trying to make small talk may just piss him so, pay your money and get out! But yes, a quicker alternative to the store above.

Star Bazaar- this is the Indian store located next to STAR OF INDIA- same area: Parker Rd, off of I-25 behind Sonoda’s Japanese. Anyway, it is owned by Star of India and not crowded. It is a quick place and you can get most everything you need except the forzen selection has not been as intense as the first place.

If you live further North and West, there are two options for you in Broomfield and Lafayette that I have visited:

My India’s – conveniently located off of I-36 and Wadsworth, it is really a good place between Westminster and Lafayette and I find their prices tend to rival Krishna’s (see below). The guy is nice and friendly and you can rent Bollywood movies too. The selection is lacking but … the convenience makes up for that.

Krishna’s- This place is tucked away behind a bowling alley in Lafayette and the owners and the family are very nice. The store and clean and rivals the Aurora stores in selection but expect to pay a premium and if you get Nicki, she is a tough one. But, all in all, it is a clean and neat store and like I said, you can find just about everything and if you are willing to pay a little more, it is a good store.

Those are about all the stores I can talk about because while I may have incidentally visited a store here and there, these are the ones I can do a review on.
Happy shopping!


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