Iphone Update and Itunes Review

So it has been two full weeks with my Baby G3- the Iphone 3GS. I love it so far and find it quite useful. For example, I was in a bind to find out if I could make the BART in San Francisco or whether I’d have to take a cab and boom! I got the times right away and based on where I was at SFO, whether I’d make it or not. In any case, what a useful lil phone. It is a great tool to get directions, get a phone number in a pinch, and takes decent photos and videos too! I have used the Tivo Plus for Desktop and transferred TV shows on it and watched movies. Only complaint: No captions but otherwise, it is cool.

I like the iphone and so far, find some of the apps very useful including banking online but I gotta say I hate the platform that the iphone works on- ITUNES. I have always hated it with the ipod too but now, I find it even more annoying to deal with. It baffles me how Apple can make such great toys – such awesome hardware with such a bad software for itunes to use as a platform for these otherwise neat toys.

In any case, I have come to like the iphone and regardless of how piss poor and user “unfriendly” I find Itunes, I think I will keep it. Let the addiction begin…

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