Qdoba v. Chipotle – is there a clear winner?

I think it is tough to compare Qdoba and Chipotle but I am going to try. Chipotle I heard a few years back was owned by McDonald’s. It revolutionized fast food Mexican but the menu is quite limited. The great positives about Chipotle, they are not cheap with their ingredients and you get guacomole if you want it in your burrito and I love getting SOFT CORN tortillas there- Qdoba does not offer soft corn (which is lower in calories and fat than HARD CORN TORTILLA SHELLS. Chipotle has the burrito, tacos, and bowls. They introduced a pisole soup but that was not as good as the tortilla soup at Qdoba. But like I said, Chipotle will not nickel and dime you (Qdoba is great at that) and the ones near Air Force Bases will give you a free drink if you are in uniform or present your ID Card – they really honor our vets!

Qdoba has an amazing menu and always sends coupons for BOGO – including their new Craft 2 which I think is a total waste of money for the value. Get the regular entree and you can eat for 2 days. The menu selection is way more extensive than Chipotle and you can make the food to order but be careful – Qdoba charges extra for guacamole and just about everything else. Want a tortilla on the side? Get ready to pay sixty cents and if your kid (who is not even three yet) wants a small side of rice and beans even through they are in the same small container, be ready to shell out $1.60! So, like I said, Qdoba will nickel and dime you but they have the better menu. So, if you can use coupons there, that is the way to go but remember, you cannot use your Frequent Buyer’s Card if you use anything resembling a coupon so be prepared for that too. Like I said, if you can stand the nickel and diming by this company, then I like the menu better but if you want a quick, cheap meal with all the fixings and sometimes a free drink, head to Chipotle, which by the way, is pronounced CHI-POHT-LAY not anything else folks.



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