The DMV, Colorado– Golden location

This past week I had to make an unfortunate trip to the DMV to renew my driver’s license. Yes, you can do it on-line and I am a tech geek so you ask – why did I have to renew in person? Honestly, I wish I did not have to but for some reason the system would not let me. No, there are no search warrants out for me nor am I in debt to anyone or in arrears. Nope- nothing like that. I just moved three years ago and the DMV for some reason would not let me renew on-line. Lesson learned for all you out there who have one address on your license and live somewhere else- change your address on-line first (it is permissible), and the pay the fee, and then, when it is time to renew, you will not have to undergo the pain, suffering, and lobotomy I had to at the DMV.

I went to the Golden location – maybe going at lunch time was not a good idea but when I got there I was handed number 93 and they were on 71 – GOOD LORD! It took 1 hour to call my number – one, LONG, painful, frigging HOUR! There was a sign that stated that military was honored if you show an ID card and would be expedited – yah my ass- I was not expedited. Felt like I was slowed down in fact. When I got to the counter, it took less than 10 mins to finish…. what a nightmare! So, what happened? Why could I not renew on-line? Damn address change. In any case, maybe the wait is less in the early morning or late in the afternoon – I am not sure, all I know is that I would rather have had an annual exam at my GYN’s than have gone through this so next time, I will wisen up. Oh yeah, I have not received the license in the mail yet. Go figure!

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