The Iphone Revolution

I recently got an Iphone, 3G and I think I am in love or rather, addicted.
I absolutely love love this phone – it is all your tech tools in one – or so, it is supposed to be: Cell phone, GPS, phone/video, and Internet. Basically, you took this one thing with you and you are not supposed to need much more but for me, I am just getting used to this “touch” technology and while it is a easy to use, I am usually resistant to change so, I am still playing with it to figure out whether it is something I would want to keep.

In any case, the apps are easy to load, it is quite an easy phone to use and you can multitask with it quite well but not when you are driving since it is touch-technology. All in all, I have to say, it is a genius who devised this and whoever came up with it should be commended. I am still not sure how to create folders on it for my music files and photos – itunes sucks and it is not user friendly in my opinion. When I use itunes, I feel like I want to slit my wrists and I wish I could just transfer things onto it like a hard drive but then again, Apple does not like to make things easy especially if you use a PC. In any case, I like the Iphone so far and I think I will keep it. WARNING THOUGH: It is quite addictive 🙂

PROS: Easy to use, lots of options on what to get and expanding technology, good sound quality, and easy to email things/receive items and text.

CONS: Itunes, and whether you can create folders for music and photos, photos are not that good quality esp. at night (inside), and everything including this phone is toooooo frigging expensive.


2 thoughts on “The Iphone Revolution

  1. So I think that while a laptop is faster (ie for typing) the iPhone is much better at thing- most things than the highlight or the tap. It is really really convenient!!!

  2. I hate to say I told you so, but how does the iPhone compare to Samsung offerings for T-mobile? That was conspicuously absent from your review.

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