Two One-Way Flights- Review of the Airlines

Up this time, Southwest Airlines versus United Airlines. Topic: On-time or not? and yes, why do the bags take longer on United when you are paying $25 to transport them.

I travelled two one-ways this time because my office was paying for it and frankly, I hate travelling with the federal government – too many gd rules and regulations for my taste-some of them self-imposed by my office. In any case, the flight out on Southwest Airlines was amazing- on time, and EARLY arrival- that’s right, 35 minutes early. No bag fee and I got to eat several snacks and two drinks to include a very nice coffee called LIFT Coffee with flavored cream. Oh, and when I arrived at baggage claim (I was sitting in the 2nd row so I got there pretty quickly), my bag was already there! Top that, United!

Yeah, unfortunately, on my one way return to Denver, it was United that I was on. They could not top that. I was being charged $25 for a bag fee which is ludicrous. I do not know why United screws the military and the Government the way it does considering that is the “contract carrier” for all Government fares and the military too. Frontier lets all military check bags for free and never hassels them for orders. United needs “orders” despite their website policy which never makes mention of “orders”. In any case, what a pain! Flying with United is like haggling with that annoying street merchant in Turkey. Just downright annoying! But you fly them because you have no choice really especially when you travel with the Government.

The other problem with United- they are rarely on time or early- in fact, that would be a miracle altogether. The flight got in one hour late and then I had to wait for my bags that I paid for … it took over 20 mins. The only positives after I flew this horrible flight with United, the shuttle to my parking lot was ready and wating and got me to my car within minutes so I could make the long trek home.

In a review of Airlines, flown in two one-way segments, the winner is clear: SOUTHWEST AIRLINES will always be my choice.


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