AT&T is not the best 3G network – a review based on my trip to the East Coast

I have had the Iphone now for four weeks and unfortunately, as you all know, there is a monopoly right now with who can carry the iphone – AT&T. This is quite unfortunate but Verizon is not on the 3G network and Sprint has something better-4G. I used to have T-mobile and while there were dropped calls and what not, I really miss the service and prices. Rumor is that this year, 2010, will see T-mobile getting the Iphone next. I hope so, because I think I would switch to them as soon as I could.

Recently, I made a trip to D.C. and the AT&T coverage out there was horrible. I hear that out east is Verizon country but when I had Tmobile, it worked great out east. AT&T had no 3G where I was and I could not get on the internet or the phone during the time I was involved in a hearing. In any case, my experiences with AT&T thus far travelling has been piss poor. In Colorado, it may work out okay but I would have to agree with others that AT&T does really stink.

Ah well – for now, I am stuck with them and the Iphone – don’t get me wrong, I love the Iphone and all it has to offer but the service needs to match the technology and in this case, AT&T is a poor match for the Apple Iphone.


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