Best Iphone Apps and Most addictive – PART TWO

In my previous post I wrote about the top 15 apps after three weeks of owning the iPhone. As promised, after 6 weeks of owning the iphone, it is time to write another installation of the most useful apps. I am also going to factor in the most addictive. Here goes:

1. Words with friends- this one is free or for 99 cents you can get it ad free. This app is addictive. It is essentially scrabble with friends and/or strangers. You can have a billion games going at once which is fine since it can take days or weeks to finish a game. The game has some flaws because words can be spelled that are not words and yet dome words that are in the dictionary are rejected so be prepared for that. WARNING: If you get this App, you will not be able to put it down and the world around you will become almost non-existent so be prepared!

2. Shazam – this us a cool app to help you find out song you’re hearing but do not know the name or artist. It let’s you download it and even gives you a tour schedule. Pretty cool.

3. Camera One is an app and turns your iPhone camera into a more functional tool but I do not know what all the buttons do so need an instruction manual. Hopefully I can find it through the App store or google – that is the only flaw of this thing but the features appear cool. There is even a timer on this camera!

4. Irelax- is an app that is a sound machine, lullaby-maker, and alarm clock all wrapped up in one. When I travelled to D.C. a few weeks ago, I had to download a sleep machine. It is Free and called SLEEP MACHINE. There are tons of white noise makers on the app market and they all work great but I gotta say, a friend got me turned onto IRelax and it really is the best out there. The options are endless and it is easier to use than most of the other white noise or sound machine apps out there.

5. Urbanspoon- I really like this over yelp and the SHAKE feature lets you turn your Iphone into a “restaurant” slot machine… be careful what you land on. If you are not in the mood for Polish food.

There are tons more apps that are useful. I like Mapquest and google maps and really love having GOOGLE CALENDAR right there as my home page Application to quickly check the calendar, and I love and Wikipedia. All in all, I have had a great 30 days with the Iphone. I was even to shop online and quickly find what I needed on a HOME DEPOT App. is available on line but the features are a bit limited. I wish I could stream daily episodes of “The Daily Show” and other shows on the iphone like I can on my laptop or PC but for some reason, I cannot do that yet – I think Apple does not let you run Adobe Flash Player because they’d rather I pay 99 cents on Itunes and purchase the episode rather than watch it for free. This upsets me a bit but I am not surprised that Apple does that. In any case, I will just have to Tivo my episodes and do my best to convert them for the iphone.

As far as service goes, AT&T is an okay 3G network. I wrote a blog on that. But, did you know AT&T rolls your minutes? This is a bonus for me since my usage varies with how much I travel in a month. Stay tuned for more App-reviews to come…

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