Differences between Lowe’s and Home Depot

I would remiss to have a consumer blog and not do a review on the two big hardware competitors- Lowe’s and Home Depot. My recent experience is in home furnishings – faux wood blinds for my newly remodeled basement. I got a coupon to get 10% off at Lowe’s so I went to Lowe’s in Lakewood first. The lady there was on the phone despite me standing in front of her for well over 5 minutes. When she got off the phone, I asked her for the discount blinds and swatches. I asked if I could check out the book to match the color- I am not sure how else someone is supposed to match the color to their home and actually make a purchase. But apparently the other book was checked out so I could not even get a sample. The lady at Lowe’s was not even ready to take down my number and call me when it was available. Contrast that with Home Depot. Amy, at the Westminster Home Depot, is amazing!

She is very helpful, very knowledgeable, and took me several ideas on the computer. She also calls you at home when the swatch books are available or in this case, since it had not been returned, she just told me to take their last book leaving the store without one – that shows extreme trust! Of course, I took it right back but how else can someone finish a home improvement project if the store employee does not work with the customer? Home Depot even matched my Lowe’s coupon and I got 10% off in addition to their sale prices. I also got another 10% off for a Home Depot card. All in all, this experience has taught me that Home Depot is more willing to work with their customers than Lowe’s… granted, it was just one Lowe’s and one Home Depot but I had a great experience and it is one that I will pass on to others.

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Ruby Tuesday’s- Arvada, Colorado

My hubbie and I went to Ruby Tuesday’s for a quick bite before the show today and I forgot how extensive their menu is and diverse the offerrings. It was a good meal. They even offer mini-burgers (sliders) in vegetarian option! That is quite cool and the new, improved veggie patty is quite tasty. The salad bar never disappoints and the desserts are reasonably priced and very good too. I had a BOGO free coupon so that definitely helped the wallet this trip.

During Sex and the City 2, they are also offerring limited $5 Cosmos all the time … at least the one near theaters are. In any case, if you have not visited your local Ruby Tuesday’s, you should- the menu changes every quarter and you might just be surprised at the selections on there now.

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Another Kerasotes Theater bites the dust

I was sad to learn today that AMC has taken over the Olde Town Wadsworth theaters which was formerly kerasotes. I was soooo diappointed because AMC Theaters does not offer good show times for the twighlight shows nor offers military discounts whereas kerasotes did. I am so pissed off and will definitely be going to United Artists more often now. Olde Town Arvada had one theater I loved and thus, the end of an era for this writer.

As I have stated in the past on this very blog, I hate (repeat hate) AMC – not only do they charge exorbitant prices for concessions but they tend to be uppity about their theaters too. I have always been surprised that they can get away with NOT offering a military discount despite being located in towns that are military-friendly and military-heavy. I have to take that back – they do not survive well in the Springs because other theaters like Cinemark and Carmike who do offer the discounts seem to thrive better in the Colorado Springs area. In any case, I stand two reviews in a row- disappointed in Colorado 🙁

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U2 postpones concert in Denver- disappoints fans and no refunds

Note:  As of July 13, 2010, this is the most current information from Live Nation:  U2 rescheduled dates are posted on the Live Nation website, including some information (albeit not a lot) on refunds.  If you cannot make the rescheduled dates, refunds are available “at point of purchase”.  I  am not sure what that means if anything.  Keep in mind that refunds will be for the face value of the ticket and no refunds will be made for service charge or handling.  Nice!

Today I learned that the U2 concert for June 12, 2010 in Denver has been postponed for ONE YEAR- that’s right folks, 2011 is a potential reschedule for the U2 concert. Many other cities are affected. Scalpers who sell on line and those who cheat the system are excited so they can sell their tickets a year later. I am a honest purchaser- a person who was attending because I like the music and wanted to do something for my 5th wedding anniversary. I even arranged for childcare- my mom flying in from another state. So you can imagine my extreme disappointment in U2 (the band), their agents, and the ticket agents. They will not issue a refund yet because it is rescheduled and not cancelled. My theory is that if you reschedule a concert one year from the date of the original date, that is a cancellation and you should offer a FULL refund including handling charges to those fans and consumers who feel like they cannot plan out one year- we barely could plan out 6 months but did so in January when we purchased the tickets.

I am grossly disappointed and hope that U2 the band and their promoters do the right thing and refund the money to those who cannot decide what they will be doing one year from now. I am no longer CLUELESS IN COLORADO and am currently DISAPPOINTED IN COLORADO over the rescheduled U2 concert.

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Egress Escape Windows- Egress Inc

After we finished our basement in the fall of 2009 we used an egress/window well company here in Colorado called Egress Incorporated. It is family owned and operated and the owner is Jim and his wife. In any case, I have to rave about this company because the service is unbelievable. I have not had a better experience with any company from sales to post-work. Even after the work was completed, they still stand by their work. Our Egress escape windows look great and the work done was professional and like I said, this Colorado company stands behind their work.

Do not be fooled by cheap imitators and make sure you hire someone who will follow-up and in a timely manner. Hire Jim and Egress Incorporated. This is their website with all the information: Egressescapewindows.com

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