Anthony’s Pizza and Pasta- Stapleton- they charge you for EVERYTHING!

We went to Stapleton yesterday to meet up with friends and we ate in their town center area which is quite nice.  But because the kids wanted pizza, we ate at Anthony’s.  Since I have been on AF bases since the 1990s, I find Anthony’s less than appealing – all the bases have them because of the AAFES concession contracts — blah!  Bring something else I say.  In any case, we ate at Anthony’s and ordered an entire 18 inch pie for approx. $16.00.  That was fine but then the nickel and diming began – we asked for covered sippy covers for the kids- “that’ll cost you.”   Nice…. then our friends asked for a side of Marinara – yeah, that was $0.70.  In any case, while the pizza is greasy and good, what happened to just being a good customer-oriented restaurant?

Anthony’s is delish but certainly will nickel and dime you for almost all items.

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Chopstix in Arvada, Colorado

Since moving to our new place, Chopstix has become a local favorite of ours.  My husband loves Asian food- I am not as fond of it as he is.  In any case, Chopstix boasts Asian Fusion cuisine with emphasis on Chinese food and the options on the menu are pretty extensive.  There is Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese bowls too.  The Thai is not very authentic – certainly not what you’d get from a Thai restaurant but the soups, spring rolls, Stir Fry, and the other noodle dishes are good.  I would recommend Chopstix for carry out, dine in or even delivery (yes, they deliver for FREE).  But I would recommend sticking with the traditional Chinese food dishes

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Blue Sky Cafe in Golden Colorado

Blue Sky is a true gem nestled in a small strip mall near Wendy’s in Golden, Colorado.  It is across from the Colorado Mills Shopping Center and has an amazing menu with plenty of vegetarian and some gluten free options.  This place is open for breakfast and lunch and then shuts down in the late afternoon so that the place can be transformed into a yoga studio.  Blue Sky has a full juice bar and all juices and smoothies are made fresh to order with organic and fresh vegetables and fruits.   The menu options are endless, the price is right, and the food is delicious!

I would definitely recommend Blue Sky for a casual, delicious and nutritious meal. 

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Popeye’s- when you want fast food… SLOW!

I am from the South and I love Cajun and Cajun-inspired flavors and food.  Al Copeland founded Popeye’s – he is from New Orleans.  I remember every year he would decorate his home and business buildings and we would go see the amazing displays.  Copeland’s and Straya’s (in New Orleans) are among my favorite restaurants of all time.  But I gotta say, his chain name of Popeye’s since it was franchised really stinks in its customer service! 

While the biscuits, red beans and rice, and the chicken is considered very popular, I have not been to Popeye’s yet where you order your food, get what you want, and get out with your “fast food” in “fast” time.  In fact, every Popeye’s I have ever stood in line for including the ones inside of a mall, the one in Arvada, the one on Federal Blvd, and the list goes on, has the most atrocious wait-times ever!  Not only are the employees super slow and uneducated, they lack courtesy and oftentimes, you do not get what you ordered.  After a 15-minute today, I got a jug of iced tea and a biscuit – that’s right folks!  15 minutes!  Imagine if I had ordered a real meal.

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Springs Best Massage Colorado Springs

Since 2008 when I was pregnant with my 2nd child, I was seeking massage therapy either in Colorado Springs or Denver. During one trip to Colorado Springs, I happened by chance to get lucky and meet an amazing massage therapist whose wife also does the same business. The husband and wife team have their own place called SPRINGS BEST MASSAGE in Colorado Springs. They are, simply put, amazing massage therapists. They also do a business now in cleansing products and essential oils but it’s the massages that will keep you coming back for more!

They both do an amazing job but my experience is generally with Shannon Atkinson. Both Shannon and his wife Linda do an amazing job in the massage therapy they provide. You go in ragged and exhausted and leave there feeling like a million bucks. I recommend Shannon and Linda and the Springs Best Massage to anyone who needs a good massage- you can choose from 60, 75 and 90 minutes or talk with them about your personal needs and they can tailor something right for you. With Springs Best Massage, you can’t go wrong!

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