Popeye’s- when you want fast food… SLOW!

I am from the South and I love Cajun and Cajun-inspired flavors and food.  Al Copeland founded Popeye’s – he is from New Orleans.  I remember every year he would decorate his home and business buildings and we would go see the amazing displays.  Copeland’s and Straya’s (in New Orleans) are among my favorite restaurants of all time.  But I gotta say, his chain name of Popeye’s since it was franchised really stinks in its customer service! 

While the biscuits, red beans and rice, and the chicken is considered very popular, I have not been to Popeye’s yet where you order your food, get what you want, and get out with your “fast food” in “fast” time.  In fact, every Popeye’s I have ever stood in line for including the ones inside of a mall, the one in Arvada, the one on Federal Blvd, and the list goes on, has the most atrocious wait-times ever!  Not only are the employees super slow and uneducated, they lack courtesy and oftentimes, you do not get what you ordered.  After a 15-minute today, I got a jug of iced tea and a biscuit – that’s right folks!  15 minutes!  Imagine if I had ordered a real meal.

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