A review of Wal-Marts in Lakewood Colorado – when you want something quickly—SLOW!

My general experience with Walmarts just about everywhere has been their lack of customer service – it’s quite piss poor no matter which Walmart you’re at…. but amazingly enough, there is one Wal-Mart in the Greater Broomfield area near FlatIrons Mall that is the exception and not the rule.  When it comes to Wal-Mart – you generally know what you get:  Cheap prices on low quality goods, long lines, piss poor customer service (returns that take forever), and perhaps employees who do not get paid enough.  I like wal-mart’s prices for the run of the mill products but they are quite the pain to deal with when you try to use a coupon or do returns.  Target and King Sooper’s has the best policies when it comes to those two things.  In any case, we end up still shopping at Wal-Marts so I decided to take a shot at rating the different Wal-Mart stores.

I have visited a Wal-Mart in Arvada (Sheridan and 72nd), in Broomfield (near Flat Irons mall), in Lakewood (2 locations- one right off of 6th Avenue and one on the corner of Wadsworth & Colfax), and one in Wheat Ridge (not a super Walmart and a great in and out place).  My worst experiences, thus far, are the Wal-Marts in Lakewood.  I am not sure if the customers who frequent there are just as strange as the employees but repeatedly, I get the worst service, the worst assistance, and can never find what I am looking for.  It seems like it takes an eternity whereas at the other locations, it just seems easier.  Maybe it’s cause I am running my errands at the Lakewood stores at lunch and that is a buiser time.  In any case, whatever the factors and variables may be, I have concluded that it is not easy to get in and out of Wal-Mart.  First, if you want to get in and out of a Wal-Mart, pick a location that is not a SUPER one unless you need a grocery item.  Second, try not to go to the ones in Lakewood if you can possibly avoid it, and Third, pick off-hours to do returns – times when you think the least amount of person would be there – lunch is a bad time, and perhaps first thing when they open. 

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The Octopus Car Wash- Lakewood Colorado on Wadsworth & Colfax

The Octopus Car Wash is quite prominent- can’t miss it.  They are on the corner of Wadsworth and Colfax in Lakewood, Colorado.  This car wash is amazing!  I have been going there for a couple years now.  For $6.99 the basic wash is so extensive, I am amazed- you get the inside vacuumed and cleaned and the outside washed and dried.  I gotta say, this is a screaming deal!

The lines are often long though so get there early or after the lunch crowd but even with a line, you can get through in 30 minutes.  When it’s not busy, try 10 minutes.  It is a great place to get your car cleaned especially if you have kids who are ready to throw down immediately after its clean.  There is no rain guarantee on the outside wash but at $6.99 for what you get, it is so worth it.  They have other deals on the full car washes too (which also include an air freshener and wax).  At these prices, and with the friendly staff, Octopus Car Wash is the perfect place to get your car cleaned.  Mine looks like new right now and I love it!

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Old Town Arvada- Wadsworth- Movie Theater $5 DEAL!!!

Last night I went to see Eat, Pray, Love with my girlfriends.  We went to the Old Town Theater in Arvada- it is off of Old Wadsworth Blvd right near I-70 and Wadsworth.  This theater has been taken over by AMC and was formerly Kerosotes.  I thought that spelled trouble for this theater because AMC tends to gouge people and Kerosotes did not.  Well, I was surprised to learn that this theater has a $5 special for ALL MOVIES, Monday through Thursday. That’s right folks!   You can see any move fir $5 anytime Monday through Thursday.  What a great deal.  Their posted ticket prices were also not bad and I saw that they had a $1.00 discount for Students, Military (with ID), and Seniors.  So, if you see a movie during the matinees, the prices were reasonable and on the weekends, $10 or $9 (with discounts).

If you see a before noon on the weekends, it is also $5.   What a great deal!   You can save that money and use it towards a small $4.25 popcorn.  Yes, concessions are outrageous but that is the only way it seems the movie theater makes its money these days.  You can’t beat the $5 deal at the Old Town Arvada Theater (now AMC) — corner of 58th and Wadsworth in Arvada.   AND BY THE WAY,  This is the only AMC theater in the area that does this deal so don’t delay and go watch your favorite new release.

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Tokyo Joe’s Westminster

Tokyo Joe’s just opened up a new location on the corner of 88th and Wadsworth on the Arvada, Westminster border.  Tokyo Joe’s ia a hip, trendy Asian Fusion diner which is quite good but I am not sure worth the price you pay for the food.  The bowls are approximately $6 to $8+ and are loaded but will it last you two days?  Probably not.  Everything else is extra.  Unlike family-owned, non-chain delivery/carryout Chinese or comparable Asian Fusion restaurants in the area Tokyo Joe’s charges for everything and there are no extras.  No soup with your meal or salad – the salad menu is extensive and ranges in the $7-8 range.  Moreover, there is no egg roll or other perks.  You get a yummy, organic, healthy meal but it does not come at a premium. 

This place was packed though on a Monday night and I wonder if the rush will continue or will the novelty wear off.  In a city where so many restaurants have gone under, can a fast food Asian Fusion joint that boasts a trendy atmosphere with high prices survive?  We will have to wait and watch but in the meantime, enjoy the different sauces.  Curry is my favorite and next time, I want to try the Gyoza with a side of sushi (a plate of 4 sushi pieces is a whopping $3.40!).  I have to say I am impressed with the veggie, gluten-free, and dairy-free selections at Tokyo Joe’s.

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Bear Creek Lake Park – Lakewood Colorado- awesome!

This weekend we went to Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood- it is a park that does not honor the State Parks Pass but it is a cool park with a lake and a swim beach.  You can also rent kayaks and non-motorized boats to take around the lake.  The beach is nice but rocky and the rest of the park boasts hiking trails, horse stables (including pony rides for kids), an archery range, and a marina.  I really thought it was a nice park with a lot of amenities and the beach area was a lot of fun for kids and adults alike.

I definitely recommend a trip out to Bear Creek Lake Park’s Soda Lake and Beach area.  What summer is complete without a trip to the beach?
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