Frontier Airlines – Economy Seats are akin to Lepers and BEWARE MILITARY FLYERS

I made reservations on Frontier Airlines for our family to travel to a wedding (first mistake), and immediately afterwards since I could not get seats, I called them.  They said I should be able to choose seats 24 hours in advance.  But low and behold, 24 hours prior, here I am trying to get seats for our family of four and NO GO!  I get a system error in Frontier and when I call agents, no one can seem to help me.  There is absolutely no reason for this but it is so frustrating.  This is the 2nd time this has happened with Frontier and I am thinking that it will be the last I travel with them on a personal flight.  Moreover, their agents cannot get anything straight- one agent promised she would seat us together even in the Classic Plus area, another agent is now yelling at me saying she was wrong.  Wow….

At the airport, I was reminded for the 10th time that I had an “economy” ticket.  Like I was not told enough on the phone that I was the leper with the “economy” (AKA CHEAP) seats.  Come on!  That does not excuse the fact that when I arrived at the airport, we had three middle seats scattered throughout the plane.  If it was not for an awesome GATE AGENT at Denver International Airport, our 3-year old may have sat with strangers.  She put us all together in Row 1 — what a nightmare.  After 3 phone calls to three separate agents, and a 35 minute discussion with the guy who checked us in at the reservations desk, finally, it took one GATE AGENT who was awesome to put us together.  Moral of the story:  Skip all the steps, show up and ask the gate agent who may be nice enough to put you all together.  If not, do what we did on the return, asked some folks to move and they were nice enough to do so.  If people do not move for you, have your child frequently touch them or throw food at them.  That outta work.  Ha!

Another caveat about Frontier Airlines- they are a strange animal indeed– so, military with ID and their dependants get to check bags for free… no matter where they go or come from.  We have done this for over 2 years now- to and from Denver, Washington National, and Austin, Texas.  Well, not New Orleans.  I was asked to show my ORDERS in New Orleans.  So be careful – while Frontier has a policy that military with ID fly bags free, some airports and their agents have not gotten the word and communication is piss poor with Frontier Airlines so rely on some good luck and fortitude and …. BON VOYAGE!

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