New Orleans Airport- review of places to eat & the airport itself

Being that is a consumer blog, I decided to add in a new twist to it:  Review of the major airports I travel in and out of.  Denver’s review is coming soon.  We recently travelled back from New Orleans and I gotta say, while the airport has been renovated many many times since Katrina and before, it is still a dump.  The facilities are not that great but the eating places are even worse!  PJs coffee is yummy but why is it that every person behind a register at New Orleans International Airport is completely rude?  I am not sure- maybe it’s the oil and water they’ve had in the past few years but come on!

The ACME Oyster House – forget about it!  If you want something vegetarian, order a bun – wait!  You may have to pay $5 for it OR leave there without it because they cannot figure out how to give you plain bread.  It is a tough airport and the services are not plentiful.  There is a beignet stop inside the airport in case you missed your fix and it looked reasonable.  I did not get to try it because we were running behind.  As airports go, New Orleans is not the best one for long layovers-  get your food on the outside, and definitely leave yourself plenty of time to get through rental car returns and check-in. 


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