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2Amy’s Neapolitan Pizzeria- Washington D.C.

I had dinner at 2 Amy’s near DuPont Circle in D.C.  While it’s not the best pizza I’ve had, I have to say, it was a good dining experience.  The pizza is D.O.C (you’ll have to read the back of their menu to fully appreciate this Italian pizza cooking process) but suffice it to say, the pizzas tasted to me like Italy.  I have been to Italy so I was sold!   They were mouth watering and yummy!  The salad was okay – the arugula one was good but a little dry- needed some…. veggies!  The calzones are too messy to share – stick to the pizzas.  They call the calzones stuffed pizzas on their menu.  I would just stick with the pizzas and make sure you get yourself an entire pie instead of trying to share this $12.50 pizza… because trust me, you will want to eat the whole thing!

A local eatery, this place is popular, so get there early and weekdays are better if you do not want to wait.  They do not take reservations but the pizza may just be worth the wait!


Rasika Restaurant – Indian Fusion in D.C.

I recently was back in our nation’s capital and had a chance to visit Rasika Restaurant in D.C.  Romantically lit (ie. it was a bit dark in there) and sheekly decorated, Rasika is a very crowded restaurant that boasts a new trend in cuisines:  INDIAN FUSION.  Indian Fusion is quite good and innovative.  I only had appetizers and not a main course so I will speak to those but like Amber in San Francisco, this restaurant is quite retro and the food is equally amazing.  Among the appetizers, the sev batata poori and Palak Chaat is quite good.  I would stay away from the Ragra Patis but the main dishes that others had looked quite appetizing too – with a side of basmati rice, the main courses are probably quite filling.  The Naan Breads were innovative too! Boasting breads like Goat Cheese Kulcha, Rasika fuses the best flavors of India together in with modern ingredients and I have to say my mouth is watering just thinking of my recent experience there.  While the prices are on the high side, folks, this is Washington, D.C.  I am not sure if this place was overrated but you could not get reservations on a Tuesday OR Wednesday night!   Rasika is a must visit in D.C. if you’re in the mood for some spice and fusion- Indian style!


Sew Snug – What a great small business!

As a working mom, I really do not have time to do the finer things – my kids have book bags for school and daycare and I thought it would be cute to get them embroidered.  My husband found a stay at home who has her own business and operates out of her home right near our home!   She did a fantastic job on his bags, my bags and the kids too!  And the price is right too! We had embroidery done on our own bags but she has her own website and company name:  Sew Snug – I know, cute!    She not only sells personalized products but can embroider or sew on most things you already have so you can personalize your child’s backpack, blanket, your own yoga bag, and more!   She can embroider on clothing including T-shirts, and the skies the limit! 

Give her a call or send her an email and let’s give this small business a shout out!  Thanks, Sew Snug, for a job well done!


Target Stores- smaller is better!

I have experiences at a few Targets – the Super Target in Superior, Colorado, for example- the Super Target near Colorado Mills in Golden, and by far, my favorite Target is the one on 80th and Wadsworth in Arvada.  I have never met a friendlier more knowledgeable staff in the pharmacy and throughout the store.  The biggest plus is that it is NOT a super target.  You tend to get lost in Super stores – often, parading through the stores for hours to find something.  The regular targets are perfect for my lifestyle- quick and easy, in and out and the lines are always manageable too.  Some of them even carry just enough frozen, dairy, and fresh foods to make it very convenient for me.  I like the smaller targets and there are just not enough of them is my biggest to Target Corp – bring back small — when it comes to convenience, ease and a busy lifestyle, SMALL IS BEST!

I think the same way about Wal-marts too.  By going Super, all of these stores lose a little … something.