Signs of the Times Part 2, Children’s Cartoons

My original blog posting, or part one Signs of the Times, Children’s Cartoons was about a few cartoons or shows I had seen when my older daughter was a bit younger.  Of course, now there are a plethora of shows out there, all very interesting in my opinion, and a good reason why kids should not watch too much TV. 

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Anyway, in my original post, I talked about Sesame Street and how much it has changed, Dora the Explorer and Spongebob.  In this update, I want to talk about Max and Ruby.  Several of us have talked about how odd this show is from a parent’s perspective.  Of course, all the cartoons are make belief and about imagination and that is how we end up with 5 and 6-year olds running through the woods with adventures but this one is about two bunnies- a brother and sister.  It’s odd for the first few times I saw this show, I thought Ruby (the one with the yellow apron on) was the mommy and Max was the son. Presumably, I assumed Ruby was a single mom since a daddy never enters the picture.  That was not the case as I watched the intro credits one day.  Ruby is the big sister and Max is the naughty, little brother.  It was interesting to all of us that Max & Ruby live alone, and Ruby is the parental figure to this younger kid.  Rarely is an adult present and only the grandmother comes to visit sometimes.  When she comes, it seems like Ruby is running around trying to make the place look nice and cooking.  The entire show is odd but I guess is supposed to show the kinship of siblings and the love between them including what happens in our society often these days:  an older sibling guiding and taking care of a little one.  It’s interesting to me because Ruby never attends school and neither does little brother Max.  I just hope Ruby is over 12 ’cause they shouldn’t be home alone!  🙂 

Stay tuned for future children’s cartoon posts and if you have any thoughts please share them here… I always love to see what other parents think of the children’s programming these days.  It sure has changed since when we were growing up.


2 thoughts on “Signs of the Times Part 2, Children’s Cartoons

  1. Yeah Jennifer it's even tougher when u have younger kids. We have started recording on Tivo too! Great way to screen and have it ready when and if needed. Thanks for sharing. Those sound like good shows!!!

  2. Wow, my thoughts on today's children's programming can probably be summed up by looking at my DVR…we rarely watch any TV "live"–rather, I keep a stockpile of Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Imagination Movers for Kaitlyn, with the occasional Mister Roger's Neighborhood mixed in. Every once in a while Special Agent Oso will make the cut. I like the education, teamwork, and problem solving skills demonstrated in all of the above shows. I'm pleased with the new Hub channel–Fraggle Rock, for example. Other than that, I am working hard at compiling DVD collections of cartoons from our youth (Disney Afternoon and other "good" shows). We haven't tried Dora yet, as the few Nick Jr shows I tried registered high on the Mommy-annoyance meter.

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