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Small portions & Expensive prices?

In a pinch tonight, we decided to pick up food at Noodles & Company.  We realized why, despite its proximity to our home, we do not eat there more often.  Compared to other places like Tokyo Joe’s, Chopstix, and Olive Garden, Noodles is quite expensive for what you get- NOT MUCH.

I felt like I was back in France with portions and the hefty Euro price tag to boot!  For example, a kids bowl of buttered noodles was $3.75.  The size was small!   No bread accompanies the dish either.  My husband wanted a penne pasta and wanted to add chicken.  Chicken, Tofu, and any add-on is $2.25 extra added to the $5.25 base price- WHAT?!   That would have been almost $8.00 plus tax.  Then you think well, maybe the portions will be enough to last a couple of days.  But they are not.  For $7.50, you can do a Trio which includes your base dish (SMALL) Plus an add-on like chicken and a side salad or soup.  I told my husband I’d eat his side salad.  This salad was the size of my fist!   I kid you not.  I had to come home and eat another meal.  I’m still hungry and I’m a pretty small person.  Wow!  I remember getting a salad last week for an office luncheon at Abrusci’s that lasted me two days – it was $5.95. 

I promised I’d blog about consumer issues including a bad value when I see one so here you go.  Noodles & Company is also one of the few companies that you don’t always see coupons on like Qdoba or other fast food.  It was a disappointing experience but you have positive ones please do share- would love to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “Noodles & Company Review

  1. No you should go … but be prepared…. we were not! Their menu and everything has changed! They used to have kids' meal. Now the SMALL For $4.25 is the kids' meal and no bread. That gets me! But seriously… try it out and tell me what you thought. You could be my guest blogger!

  2. I've been wanting to go to Noodles because I remembered a dish I had 5 years ago when we live in CO before.

    I guess I should just make it at home!

    Thanks for the heads up!

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