Souper Salad! A great value & fresh food

Yesterday, because the crowds and lines were so long at Chili’s and Applebee’s due to Veteran’s Day, the family and I went to Souper Salad.  With two kids below the age of 5, I forget what a great value this place really is!   Both my husband and I got buffets for $4.99.  See the coupon attached.  Between now and December 31, 2010, you can use this unlimited number of times and you do not even need to buy a drink!  Now, that’s cool – no strings attached.  You can have an unlimited salad bar which is quite good at this place, or a baked potato, or soup, nacho bar, pasta bar… OR, just eat all of the above for the same low price.  If the kids are under 4, they eat for free!  That’s a great deal.  All four of us can eat for under $12.00!  

Anyway, I just wanted to share this “Souper” deal with you.  Happy eats!

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Veteran’s Day- a review of places that Honors Those who Serve

It’s only fitting that a consumer review include a spot for those business who honor military.  I have compiled my own list and along with this article from I think there are plenty of businesses that do, in fact, honor military.
The article above discusses some of the deals on Veteran’s Day for Vets and their families:  For example, Vets receive a free meal at Applebee’s (no purchase necessary) on the 11th.  Golden Corral is giving Veterans and their families a free meal on November 15 (Monday), and Outback Steakhouse is offering a free bloomin’ onion and a beverage to the Vets.  Of course, there is much, much more.  You can read the article to find out great deals near you including a free car wash on Veteran’s Day.  That would be great in a locale where it does not snow on Veteran’s Day.
Over the years in Denver and Colorado Springs, I have also started keeping a list of places that give amazing Military discounts year-round.  The article above discusses Home Depot’s and Lowe’s.  They used to do 10% off to active military and their families on Veteran’s Day.  Well, that deal is now all the time.  Just present your ID and get your 10% off!
The Denver Museum of Nature & Science offers FREE admission to the regular museum portion to all those sporting an active military ID (this includes active reserves).  You get reduced rates to IMAX and special exhibits.  What a deal!  Children’s Museum in Denver offers reduced rates for military and their dependents and you can also apply a discount to a yearly family membership at the Museum.  Nice!  Botanic Gardens, and the Denver Zoo offer military discounts year-round as well on both memberships and daily admission. The Aquarium offers discounts as well but their discounts are not as hefty as the venues discussed above. At the wildlife experience in Parker, you get in free- your first visit through December 31, 2010 is free with your ID and your family too!  Wow!  That deal ends so go check out that museum.  It is a great museum.

Some eateries in Colorado Springs like Leon Gessi pizza, Schlotzky’s and Chipotle offer military in uniform or if you show your ID, discounts too!   10% off is the norm.  Three Margaritas in the Springs does 20% off!  Chipotle gives you your drink for free.  What a nice way of saying, “thanks for serving!”   This just in:  Rubio’s is offering a free taco (no purchase necessary) for Vets who bring in this coupon and their IDs.  Rubio’s is simply delish.  Also, Red Robin is offering a free appetizer with the purchase of an entree.  Not as a good as free with no strings but nonetheless, a great deal if you bring your family to Red Robin on Veteran’s Day.  Now that you have eaten your way through Veteran’s Day…. go watch a movie!
Movie theaters are great too – even some AMC theaters are NOW honoring military with a $1.00 off.  The best theaters for military discounts are United Artists, and Kerasotes.  Regal offers a great discount too to military as well.  Check your local theaters and wherever you go, always ask… it never hurts to ask!
If you know of a place that offers military discounts year-round please share in the comment section.  I want our readers to know where Veteran’s and their families are honored.  Happy Veteran’s Day and thanks to those who served, and continue to serve including the families that sacrifice as well!
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Review of West Denver Dentist & Dr. Mike Unser – Going to the Dentist is not that bad!

Dr. Mike Unser of West Denver Dentistry was referred to me by a friend more than a year ago and I have to say, he is the best dentist I have EVER had.  I have had dentists in the military and since then, I have been shopping around for dentists because it seems I always met quacks.  There was one near my house (can’t defame them) but horrible!  Same thing with this other lady I tried in Lakewood— she was horrible and their billing practices literally made my stomach turn. 

Dr. Baumgartner and Unser of West Denver Dentist are on the corner of Wadsworth and 20th and I have to say, not only are their hygienists knowledgeable and well-trained, the entire office atmosphere is amazing.  You are welcome from the beginning, billing issues are handled by Darcy and she is fabulous!  I have to say, in my years of experience with dentists in the military and outside of it, this is the best dental office I have encountered.  I would recommend them in a heartbeat! 

They also see kids and put them at ease.  Dr. Unser is a proud dad and makes all patients feel welcome.  Show them this and print out the below coupon, and tell them that Clueless in Colorado sent you to get a $20 credit as well.   You won’t regret it!  

Going to the dentist does not have to be all bad…. sure, some of it is bad- the drilling, the vibration of the drill, etc., but if you have a dentist that warrants his work and stands behind it with confidence, it sure does make it a whole heck of a lot easier!

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NAME GAME- Re-name my Blog!

Okay, the buzz has been created, and you have all patiently waited for ….. The NAME GAME!   Well, the wait is over.  Here is your opportunity to help me re-name my Blog and re-create my blog image.

I need your help!  Please email to me your name ideas for my blog.  To get you started, for example, here is one I thought of but not sure I like it, “Going Vogue” (a block about a working mom, her life and experiences and consumer reviews).  Get it … Vogue instead of Rogue- ahhh – ya see why I need your ideas.  I got nothing!

Send me your ideas between now and November 19 and if your suggestion is picked, you get a 
$10.00 Starbucks Card!   Please email me your name and your suggestion to:
If your suggestion is the winner (and I will hold a vote-off of the top 3), then you get the giftcard.   I’ll need your address only if you are the winner so no need to send that just yet.

Thanks for helping me re-name my blog and give it a fresh jumpstart!

P.S. — Have a great New Year too!

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Noodles & Company Review

trademarked logo of Noodles & Co.

Small portions & Expensive prices?

In a pinch tonight, we decided to pick up food at Noodles & Company.  We realized why, despite its proximity to our home, we do not eat there more often.  Compared to other places like Tokyo Joe’s, Chopstix, and Olive Garden, Noodles is quite expensive for what you get- NOT MUCH.

I felt like I was back in France with portions and the hefty Euro price tag to boot!  For example, a kids bowl of buttered noodles was $3.75.  The size was small!   No bread accompanies the dish either.  My husband wanted a penne pasta and wanted to add chicken.  Chicken, Tofu, and any add-on is $2.25 extra added to the $5.25 base price- WHAT?!   That would have been almost $8.00 plus tax.  Then you think well, maybe the portions will be enough to last a couple of days.  But they are not.  For $7.50, you can do a Trio which includes your base dish (SMALL) Plus an add-on like chicken and a side salad or soup.  I told my husband I’d eat his side salad.  This salad was the size of my fist!   I kid you not.  I had to come home and eat another meal.  I’m still hungry and I’m a pretty small person.  Wow!  I remember getting a salad last week for an office luncheon at Abrusci’s that lasted me two days – it was $5.95. 

I promised I’d blog about consumer issues including a bad value when I see one so here you go.  Noodles & Company is also one of the few companies that you don’t always see coupons on like Qdoba or other fast food.  It was a disappointing experience but you have positive ones please do share- would love to hear from you!

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