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We saw the movie, The Tourist on our date afternoon.  We caught a morning showing (before noon) at AMC theaters, Flatirons Crossing, Broomfield, Colorado.  The cost of these movies is always cheaper and at $6.00 quite a bargain.  If I spend more than that on a movie, my expectations tend to be higher of the movie itself and then if the movie sucks, I feel bad for spending the money.  The Tourist was a good movie, I thought, but my husband did not like it.  He thought it moved too slow.  Since it’s touted as an action film, I think most men would expect just that: action!  You will not get much of that right away.  There is a lot of background and ground work and a sense of mystery built up around this beautiful creature played by Angelina Jolie.  I mean, she’s pretty and all but every time she walked past someone in the movie, every body on earth stopped and stared- even women.  It was a little over the top in that sense.

Eventually, though, I think the movie delivers what the previews show- action, comedy, and a little PG-13 romance.  It’s somewhat predictable but there is a twist that is sure to make you smirk a little.  The critics are right in that there is not that spark or chemistry between Jolie and Depp but they are hot in their own right- ie. separately hot- together, not so much.  In any case, it’s a neat story with some overdone scenes like usual and a great deal of scenery in Venice and Paris.  I loved seeing Venice.  One of my readers asked for a review and asked whether it was a good date movie.  It’s a perfect date movie- it’s not sad or too racy, and has a perfect dose of action and romance.  In that sense, it is a great escape from reality and the kids for an hour and 43 minutes.  Happy movie-watching and leave me a comment after you see it too – let me know what you think.  NO SPOILERS, please. 🙂

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