Modern Marvel: The Electric Toothbrush

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I have always had one of those rotating motor toothbrushes- well, at least for the last five years.  My parents got it free with rebates and gave it to me.  It was interesting because the toothbrush head on that one was round.  Recently, my husband and I decided to get the Sonicare(c) toothbrushes since they’re all the rave and my husband really, really wanted one.  So, we took the leap and got the Sonicare Essence with Quadpacer (whatever that means).  Wow! 

All I can say is the first couple of times you use it, your mouth will tickle and vibrate and you will wonder if you can ever get used to all the weird sounds and vibrations.  After all, if you have never used an electric toothbrush, it is quite strange initially.  It’s been a week now, and I think I am in love with mine and even brush my teeth more often now.  It really does help your mouth feel clean and your teeth appear to look better.   My husband is raving about his.  Of course, it is probably all in our heads but speaking of heads, the toothbrush heads are quite nice and shaped like a real toothbrush, not round.  Of course, a pack of replacement heads are quite expensive, running $60.00 for just 6 of them, and the prices go up from there.

Some things to know about the price of the toothbrushes themselves- the best price we have found on this pack of 2 is Costco at $79.99 (this was with a $20 mfr rebate).  Amazon sells them for $95 and it just goes up from there.  Of course, the dental bills it saves you may be well worth it.  Most dentists recommend these brushes.  I can’t wait to use my WaterPik water flosser- also recommended by my dentist for those hard to reach back teeth.  If you have a flex spending account, neither of these are  covered so you will not get your money back on them from your flex spending account.  In any case, I think the electric toothbrush is great!  If you register for rebates at sonicare(c), you will get a rebate on the replacement brush heads and some other offers valued at almost $30.  If you have any questions, post them here and I’ll be sure to post an answer.   Happy Brushing!

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