Perfect Working Mommy Moment

This posting is inspired and written as a result of Write Mind Open HeartThis is one of my favorite blogs.  Check it out for yourself and post your perfect moment too!

I am a working mom and a busy working mom at that.  I am not just in the Reserves but I also have a full-time job during the week too.  So as you can imagine, life gets quite busy and it’s like the saying from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”  My daily life is that saying so I have to keep both eyes open and on my kids.  Of course, with social media like twitter, facebook, this whole blogging thing, and the simple distractions of life like eating, cleaning, and trying to take care of something, it is easy to miss something.   So I have to try extra hard to ensure I don’t.

This weekend, I had to work, but Saturday night amidst sheer exhaustion I think I found my perfect moment.  Getting home at 6:30pm from Colorado Springs, I got to spend 4 uninterrupted hours with my daughters and I loved every moment.  Bath Time was the best!  Lately, we have been doing steam because we are all recovering from bad upper respiratory infections.  I also do yoga with the girls sometimes and show them some “moves”.  My 21-month old cracks me up. As we were in the bathroom doing the steam bath, she started combing yoga moves and breathing exercises during the steam therapy and it was the most adorable thing ever!  She was doing yoga moves I had never seen and gave me an idea.  After bath, we started moving and shaking to music and had a blast dancing together, and moving about the room.   All I can say is I stopped, looked around, saw my 3.5 year old laughing, my 21-month giggling and shaking about the room as I shook my bottom with her, and I realized – this is the moment I did not want to miss… I was glad I took some time to look around, or I would have missed it! 

The next morning, I had to wake up and head back to duty but I cherish the few exhausted moments of sheer fun and play I get to share with my babies.  We start all over everyday and amidst this life that moves so fast, I think it’s quite important to look around and especially, notice our children.  One day, I fear, I will look up and they will be gone- to college, married, etc.,  Life moves pretty fast!  I hope to share another perfect moment again soon and thanks, to Lori LavLuz for helping me slow down to notice!

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