The hidden costs of blogging…

… and trust me, they’re hidden.

When I started off on this adventure, I had no idea what I was in for and the money and time that would be required. I gotta admit, I was a casual blogger when I first started in 2004 with my blog, Clueless in Colorado. I was just writing because I enjoyed writing and whether I had an audience or not never mattered to me. Same thing when I continued to write in 2005 through 2009. But this past year, I started to hang out with people who really were into blogging. For me, having your own domain name, writing a book based on your blog, promoting products on your website, interviewing others for guest articles, etc., are all signs that you might be a serious blogger. In any case, I wanted to rename my blog and take it in another direction so I decided to get my own domain name. Boy! I had no idea what I was in for!

Buying a domain name is not that bad… it’s all the add-ons that kill you! You need get your site certified, registered as private, etc., etc., Then there’s the hosting. Did you know that when you buy a domain name- that is all it is? A domain name! I did not know this. Now, you also have to setup or buy hosting. Yes, folks, add other $50/year or so to your list of costs. Then, as if that is not bad, you have to go with a service to host you. Fortunately I put WP on my blog so I am okay with not paying anything but all the add-ons are really killing me.  Then, if I want an e-mail to go with my domain/website, yeah, you guessed it, another cost. It just goes on and on. can have you add on many options and by the end of it, you are paying well over $300 for your website/hosted blog for just 2 years. Worth it? Well, that’s the real question. If you’re making money on your blog or using it for business, maybe it’s worth it. If you’re writing it off on taxes perhaps… but otherwise, for a mere personal, entertaining, journal-like blog, it is not worth it. If you make $5 a year from Google Ads for your blog, then no, its not worth it. I think for serious bloggers it’s important to have your own domain name and promote it on business cards. I say, if you’re not a hard core blogger or business, then just go with the free services like blogspot – they are simple to use, easy, and still get a lot of traffic and attention and most importantly…. THEY’RE FREE!

Unfortunately for me it may be too late- but we’ll see. I feel like I have come too far now to turn back but like I said… let’s see. It’s easy to transfer your data back to your free sites even if you’ve gone to your own self-hosted domain. The costs just may not be worth it for me. I enjoy blogging but starting over with a domain, self-hosting, and learning Wp have just been too time consuming, and caused more brain damage than enjoyment for me. I got into blogging because I enjoyed writing not all the hassles that go with it… so, like I said… you have to do the analysis for yourself and see if it’s worth it. In the end you have to make the decision on what is right for you, and what type of blogger you are- it also helps to have goals.  I am still working on mine. Happy Hosting and Blogging!


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