Trunki Review & Guys and Dolls Furniture Store – Aurora, Colorado

I won something — yes, I actually won something.  On Mama Bird’s Blog, I won a trunki for the girls.  What a cute little thing it is too!  I finally got to pick it up yesterday but had to drive all the way to the boonies as I call it- to Aurora, Colorado.  The traffic always stinks in I-225 and yesterday was no exception.  But, I got a chance to check out the store, Guys & Dolls, and meet Jason, the owner/manager.  It was a great opportunity to see an amazing store for kids’ furniture and accessory items.  They sell it all and even some adult beds, etc.   It is a cute store with quite a neat historycheck out their website.   The kids will love to visit there when we are shopping for their bunk beds (in the next 5 years or so)

In any case, the hardest decision was trying to decide on which trunki to pick.  I settled on Iris but it is available in four colors.  It also came with a free sticker pack so the kiddos can dress up their trunkie and personalize it.  I also bought a saddle bag so they can sit on something more comfortable.  Since I got it before Christmas, I decided to add the Trunki to their Christmas presents under the tree and the girls enjoyed opening it before Christmas. 

The girls dressed up their trunkie Christmas morning

As to a review of the Trunki, it’s a cute, novel idea- a suitcase for the kids (older 3 is recommended), that they pack themselves and is also a carry on.  It comes with a strap so you can drag them through the airport.  The top part of the suitcase is a seat so the child can sit there and hold the horns (the ears of the trunkie) as a handle.  It appears stable but we have yet to try it out.  Generally, when we are heading through the airport, I prefer a dual stroller and a small backpack for the kids but as the older one gets older, I think this will be fun.  If you have two kids, it may be tougher to drag the bag with the kid on it while pushing the other one in a stroller especially if momma or daddy are travelling solo as we so often do.  It may be even tougher if you have three kids or one child is in an Ergo carrier.  I definitely think it is geared towards families with one kid because I think it would be impractical dragging two across any airport with a trunki.  However, if the kiddos can drag their own suitcases (ie. over the age of 5) then it may be worthwhile to travel with it.  In any case, it’s very cute and next time we travel, we will definitely have to try it out!  Thanks, Mama Bird & Guys and Dolls for introducing the Trunki to us!


3 thoughts on “Trunki Review & Guys and Dolls Furniture Store – Aurora, Colorado

  1. How fun that they got to open it tonight! Reagan rode on hers’ every chance she got at the airport and just loves packing it herself. She fills it with dress-up costumes, plush toys & books. 🙂

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