Perfect Moment Monday- Life Lessons From Apron Strings & Muffins

It’s about time I get to post a perfect moment again. For sometime I have been working hard and losing sight of what is truly important. This weekend I was able to refocus on those things that are not stressful. Because let’s face it- being a mom takes the stress cake on most days. Due to a lot of external factors out of my control, I have been blessed to see the perfect moments elsewhere especially with my family, and kids. After all, 30 years from now, I am not going to be that person who says, “Gosh, I wish I had accomplished more in my job or I wish I would have played the game to get ahead.” It’s just not that important to me– what is important though, is what I do at home and what type of legacy I will leave.

This weekend I found my perfect moment…
okay, there were a few. But, this one rose above (pun intended) the rest…. apron strings and muffins with my little cuties. Saturday night, we had girls night as daddy went off to have guys’ night. So, we had a dance off after dinner, and then ended the evening by baking blueberry and chocolate chip muffins as the girls wore their new personalized, pink princess aprons. They both helped add key ingredients, shared stirring the bowl, lined the muffin pans, and finally, and most importantly- licked the bowl. Yum! The muffins were sweet, wholesome, and full of goodness and love because they were made with love and the right ingredients.

This got me to thinking how important ingredients are to every thing we do- whether it’s baking muffins, raising a family, or even working in an office where not all the people are adding the right ingredients into the mix. In the end, no matter what others add in, we as individuals hold the key and the ability to turn that mix into something more sour or bitter or alternatively, we can turn it back into something sweet and full of goodness. Like the muffins my daughters and I made this weekend, the muffins we all make in our daily lives can be wholesome, sweet, and full of sweet perfect moments or just plain bitter. In the end, only we have to eat what we create.

I think I learned a lot from my perfect moment and my innocent little girls who do not yet understand politics, work stress, or anything else stressful. Tomorrow, as I venture where I may face a little more bitter and a little more sour, I hope I am able to draw on my perfect moment, and take all of that, mix in a few of my own ingredients, and turn that batter into pure goodness. In fact, I pray that every time I face adversity or a challenge, I would be able to draw on this perfect moment. That would be… sweet!


4 thoughts on “Perfect Moment Monday- Life Lessons From Apron Strings & Muffins

  1. I love what you said about the ingredients to our lives – now THAT’S a life lesson right there.

    I know how much I enjoy being in the kitchen, so I can imagine how special it was for you to have your helpers – adding just the right ingredients to your muffins and your life.

    1. Thanks lady. It happens time to time. One of the drawbacks of not being a stay at home mom. But, in life, there are politics too. So, I will go on but Friday, for a few hours, it felt like everything was falling apart ;_0 Let’s do coffee soon. I need to send out an email to you and CasualPerfect.

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