The Social Network- what’s all the hype about?

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I just finished watching the movie, “The Social Network” and I gotta say, it was well-made and a good movie.  Like the Enron movie,  it was informative and entertaining and since it’s based on a true story of a social media network we all use daily, it is true to life.

As a computer geek in a former life, I also enjoyed some of the software and coding lingo.  I went to school with people like this!  This movie delivers what it promises- the story about Mark Zuckerberg and the invention of Facebook- the hottest social media and network on the planet! 
I rented this movie from Redbox but Netflix releases it on February 7, 2011, as well and I am sure soon it will be on instant queue.  So there are opportunities to watch if you can’t see it in discount theaters or rent it. 

2 thoughts on “The Social Network- what’s all the hype about?

  1. I also rented it from Redbox with their 1st Monday of the month free Redbox code. It was a good movie, but compared to other award nominated films I personally don’t think it’s up to that level. When you compare the acting skills of the actors in the Social Network to the actors in The King’s Speech there is just not any comparison. I’m still in shock that The Social Network won The Golden Globe over The King’s Speech and even Inception (such a novel concept). People clapped in the theatre at the end of the King’s Speech. It wasn’t fancy. It had no modern appeal. No special effects. It just had “it”.

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