Zumba- I went, I danced, I felt it the next day…

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Zumba is the new craze in group exercise classes.  There are lots of instructional videos out there too!  So, if you want to try it at home first, don’t fret.  I attended Zumba at my gym.  I have a membership there and Zumba is taught at least once a day.  It appeared to be a well-attended class but the day I went, all in attendance at this particular class were women.  It was women of all ages, backgrounds, and body types.  Zumba attracts a wide variety of people – it’s not just for the fit or the overweight or for a particular person.  It is, simply put,a fast- paced aerobic class.  It’s not the class for you if you want to do strength, core, and weights.  It is all moves (sometimes quite fast), and dancing.  At one point, I had no idea what was going on so I just started dancing latin-style and it worked!   Yes, it is Latin-inspired dance and exercise after all.  This particular instructor uses the same moves and dance songs on the particular day she does the teaching so the people in there who have been coming for months knew all the moves.  That’s the thing about this class, if you attend, latch on to someone who has been there more than once.  If you are a beginner, get behind (not in front of or next to) someone who has done the moves and the “routine” before.  Repetition is the key to success in Zumba.  Like step aerobics or other aerobics classes or pilates and yoga, repetition is the key to doing the move when you’re supposed to. 

This is a fast paced class so like aerobics, you will learn one move and finally get it – well, too late!  The rest of the class has moved on.  So, try to stay close to someone who knows them and if not anything else, you will have a good time.  From a workout perspective, it did not provide me with what I needed.  I am used to intense cardio.  When I run I can get my heart rate to 180+ and while dancing at Zumba I did get to 149 at one point but for me, Zumba was just fun – it was just dancing and laughing and enjoying yourself and the music.  It was letting go too.  In a group class of all women, you can do some sexy moves and just have fun.  I had a blast and remembered what it was like to dance again. I would definitely recommend it at least once  and if you can do it with a friend, it can be even more fun.  Who knows, you may do well at Zumba and keep coming back for more.   Say it with me- “ZUMBA!”

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