Disney Live! Mickey’s Magic Show in Denver

photo copyright Disney, Feld Entertainment courtesy of: Examiner.com

For the first time since we have had kids (our oldest is almost 4), we went to a show- not just any show- the Disney Live!  Mickey’s Magic show  What fun!  

Other than all the logistics of getting there— the horrible drive in downtown Denver traffic at peak rush hour, the parking garage that seemed to never end, the lines at the pay meter, and then the elevator line to get to the Wells Fargo Theater, we really had fun once mom was able to relax at the show. It is a 90-minute show including a brief intermission for comfort and snacks.  And for us, this was perfect!  After all, we have a 2-year old and an almost 4-year old.  Attention spans are not all there, and they were getting ansy after even 30 minutes.  Because it was the Friday night show, and we were in Row 5 (yes, Row 5), our row was pretty much empty.  We could spread out and the girls could walk around and stretch out so that helped especially the little one who is constantly moving around.  The show was fun and there were lights, magic, and plenty of Disney characters to keep the kids enthralled.  My little one loved all the music, lights, and clapping.  The music kept them on their toes and dancing.  We did not buy the $22.00 light maker souvenir, the $12 lemonade in a Disney souvenir cup, the $10.00 popcorn, or $20 cotton candy with the collector’s Sorcerer’s hat but we did get from Feld Entertainment, free Mickey dolls for the girls, as part of their promotion that came with the free tickets.   Where we were sitting the tickets were easily in the $40 range each. 

The girls love their Mickey dolls and you can see them in the picture hugging and holding him tight.  Tracy and Feld, thanks- we had a great time and Mama Bird’s Blog, where I won the Family 4-pack, thanks again.  It was our first time as a family to attend something like this and I do hope it’s not the last.  I would recommend this show and this venue- even the $15 seats are not bad.  The theater is small and cozy and not a bad seat in the house.

Parking at the Wells Fargo Theater was reasonable as far as downtown goes, at $12.00 and with free tickets I did not mind but, if you are paying full price, keep this in mind as you plan your night out.  If you live down South, you may want to do light rail like one of our friends did.  The hardest part about budgeting for events like this is that food and drink can run a family of four $80 easily, so keep that in mind if you get popcorn, cotton candy and a drink.  But for younger kids, this is the perfect event and the venue was great- you can really spread out if you need to and since it’s a kid event and not the opera, the kids can be loud as they want and parents can feel at ease. 

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