The King’s Speech- my Academy Award Pick

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What an amazingly simple movie and yet surprisingly, perfect!  I really enjoyed watching The King’s Speech on the big screen.  It was a well made movie and very well-acted by all- Geoffrey Rush, Colin Firth, and Helena Carter Bonham.  All actors played their roles well and their acting was superb.  Colin Firth plays the role of George VI, who amidst a physical disability and uncertain times (WWII looming), attempts to overcome the odds.  Not only is this movie one that the history buffs will enjoy, it is just a good movie overall.  The concept is not made-up or new- but rather based on a true story, and the acting couldn’t be better- Colin Firth is amazing as King George VI and Geoffrey Rush’s acting is brilliant as always.  Helena Carter Bonham really acts well as the QUEEN MOTHER.  I only wish this movie were longer.  I really enjoyed The King’s Speech and apparently so did the audience around me.  There was clapping at the end.  With all the contenders this year at the Academy Awards, I sure hope the “Academy” selects The King’s Speech.

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