Flamingo Casino, Hotel & Spa- Las Vegas, Nevada

I stayed at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino for four nights during my conference and this is my story: (Insert Law&Order theme sound)

When you check-in in Vegas at any hotel, it really depends on who you get.  We got a dud when we checked in.  A dud is that special nobody who feels powerful and has a lot of power over your entire stay and how your experience turns out but treats you like crap.  In any case, we got the dud.  In any case, we had to pay a fee to get a decent room at one of the lowest-grade hotels on the strip but definitely better than Imperial Palace (that’s not saying much).  Anyway, the Flamingo hotel is probably not known for its customer service as is evident from the long (extremely long) lines and even longer waits at check-in.  If the line is only 10-deep, consider yourself lucky.  I saw the lines in the bank-like ropes over 50 deep and not moving.  Only 2-3 clerks work at any given time, and it can get downright frustrating waiting around.  We were in the check-in process , including the waiting and waiting and waiting, for well over 45 minutes.  It felt like an eternity.  The line was only 5-deep when we arrived so you can imagine what people go through who are the 50th in line.

We had to pay extra to just get a decent room and the Go Rooms are fun and definitely the type of cheesy room you’d want to stay in if in Vegas but there is no deliniation between smoking and non-smoking floors so you could be in a non-smoking room but the guy next door could be smoking cigars all night.  It can get nasty especially when you’re breathing in smoke for days.  The beds are neat with this pleather headboards. Each room is equipped with a TV inside the bathroom mirror.  Quite cool.  The decor is retro and the plasma TV was fun to watch the Oscars on but you have to decide whether it’s worth the extra cost and it depends on whether you plan to spend time in the room or not.  Since I was there for business and do not gamble much, I spent a lot of time in the room so it was important to be in a decent room or one with paint on the wall – yes, some of the rooms at the Flamingo are quite old – have nasty bathrooms and the paint peeling from the walls so beware!  Check it out and then, try to talk with a different check-in clerk if the one you got was a “dud” like we had.  Either way, this is not a 4-star of 5-star hotel but 2-3 star at best.  So do not expect the ambience of  Caesar’s, Venetian or Bellagio, or the service.  Not many places in Vegas cater to you so just keep your expectations low and you will not be disappointed. 

Make sure you sign up for the rewards cards wherever you go and charge your room to it, charge your gift shop purchases to it, and your $6.00 coffee because you get points and rewards for it all!   And remember to use your points within 6 months of earning them- they expire!

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