Nutella- simply yum!

My friend, @CrunchyGreenMom, had an amazing Nutella party.  She was selected to host this party in order to promote Nutella.  What a great time!  I had no idea you could do so much with Nutella.  She made these amazing chimichangas and I have to say, I have to try this at home- it had Nutella, bananas, cayenne pepper and cinnamon – oh wow!

Then, of course, there was a great fruit dip made with Nutella and cream cheese.  You can modify it to make it with yogurt and even with greek yogurt.  All I can say is… yum!  There are some great ideas and recipe ideas from Connie Evers, who is a registered dietician and has written books on Nutrition for Kids.  Check out her website!  She had some great recipes and ideas for healthy eating and how to incorporate Nutella into breakfast, etc., to make kids eat the healthier foods.  It was a great party, yummy eats, and great recipe ideas.  I had a blast!  I remember when I lived in Europe, I used this in place of peanut butter and had tons of crepes with Nutella and bananas.  It just made everything taste better.  I think the next time I am at the Air Force Base, I am going to pick up a jar of Nutella (they are cheaper at commissaries for some reason), and then enjoy again.

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