Perfect Moment Monday– Milestones & My Potty Mouth

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This weekend marks the 2nd week that my 2 year-old is really meeting some important milestones. I know, it’s silly to those who do not have kids or those have put all this behind them but it is truly an exciting time in a toddler’s life and dare I say, for the parents as well- potty training.   Granted, we have to stay close to the restrooms but my 2 year-old has been so excited about all of this.  Her face lights up every time she is rewarded or a kind word is spoken to her about going potty, but others have glared at me at stores, restaurants, and random places that we stop… and trust me, this child has potty-trained all over the Denver metro area in the past two weeks.  So, for example, we were having dinner at Souper Salad and she needed to go.  I was surprised she held it as I finished my salad… but we made it and she did it and there was cheering (audience of one- me).  She was so happy, she ran to dad afterwards in the restaurant area and screamed, “daddy… I went pee pee in the potty!” It was very cute but alas, I am sure some who were trying to digest their salads, processed pizzas, and breadsticks were quite disturbed over all this potty talk.  It’s not cute unless you’re going through it I guess.

But I could care less. I am very excited about this and all the milestones in my kids’ lives thus far and they are too- they have a right to be and as they progress through life, I reserve the right to get even more excited and nutty.  For now, until they start sports, dating, and all that other stuff that goes along with having a true potty mouth,  I’ll enjoy these perfect milestone moments – “potty mouth” and all.


4 thoughts on “Perfect Moment Monday– Milestones & My Potty Mouth

  1. My best memories of this time with Claire are when I’d “go” and she’d cheer and say, “GOOD JOB, MOMMA! YOU DID IT!” really loudly in the stall. I could hear the other women giggle.

    1. Oh that is so cute. I love when they cheer for us through life’s moments too. It is just the most adorable thing ever. I remember getting a sticker and a candy after I cleaned up the kitchen once. Nice! Thanks for sharing JoAnn

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