Vegas … Baby?

I spent four days in Las Vegas attending a conference and also spending one extra day with my hubby.  Since our oldest daughter was born almost four years ago, we have not had a vacation together alone… well, ever!  We spent a few hours in D.C. together but we have never just “gotten away.”  My parents were gracious enough to watch both girls so we could go on this extra long date together and it was great!  

I have not been to Vegas since 2002- I went there last time with my single girlfriend (at the time) we just did a girls’ trip.  I did not even know my husband then- I had not met him yet.  In any case, I remember how much I disliked that trip. I even took an excursion to the Grand Canyon that time to make it worth my time.  I do not gamble and steer clear of all gambling so the only draw for me to attend this conference in Vegas was that it was close and the topics of the conference were amazing!  Other than that, in my opinion, I could take or leave Vegas.  While there is a lot to do, shopping, spas, shows, and of course, gambling, it’s just not my kind of town.  The prices on the strip to just get a pretzel or slice of pizza were outrageous!  Not to mention, you get charged for everything.  Read my other reviews on Vegas too!  We saw Zumanity while there.  It was a great show and true to Cirque du Soleil form, quite elegant.  We also ate at a fancy restaurant for one of our lunch-time meals-Zefferino.  We stayed at the Flamingo Hotel and you can read that review as well.  I have to say, the hotel was not all that and the service stunk but it is an okay place to stay and cheap if you use comps and weekly specials.  If you can, sign up for all the rewards cards you can and even make sure your food that you buy gets swiped on it.   I wrote a review about the Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show at the Flamingo Hotel. 

While Vegas is a decent place to visit if you want to do a lot that satisfies the needs of a lot of travellers:  from the gambler or shopaholic to spa-junkie, Vegas does have it all but I have to say you can probably do the same things in a lot of other towns and without the high price tag OR the smoke.  Yes, Nevada is not a smoke-free state so from the moment you step off the plane, it’s like you are transported back to the East Coast or Europe.  Everyone smokes inside and the hotel rooms stink.  My eyes were red every day and my head hurt all the time.  Smoking indoors is something I am no longer used to and I would not want to take my kids there.  If I want to play craps or the slots, Blackhawk, Colorado is not too far from home, and it is smoke free.  I can get a buffet there too!

All in all, I have to say, I enjoyed my time with my husband… the hanging out, the meal-times together, seeing Zumanity, walking around, sightseeing, and shopping.  We had a great time and getting away was priceless.  Vegas is a town that is good for couples but I do not recommend it as a destination trip for families.

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